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Portrait of Mercutio
Race Human
Gender Male
Location Globe Theatre
A plague o' both your houses! - Mercutio, in his dying breath


Mercutio is a kinsman to the Lord of Verona and Count Paris and a good friend of Romeo. He apparently has a good sense of humor and is a well-known fencer.

Story of Romeo and Juliet

Act 1 Scene 2

Mercutio, a friend to the Montague, convinces Romeo, an heir to the Montague, to attend to masquerade that the Capulets are hosting.

Be this not the Masquerade?

For each a happy mask shall hide our
wary visage.
Amongst the throng no harm shall


Act 3 Scene 1

Tybalt, still angry from yesterday, confronts Mercutio of Romeo's whereabouts. Mercutio soon brings up a spar, but Romeo shows up. Mercutio then tries to protect Romeo by fighting Tybalt, but the star-crossed lover stops them. However, Tybalt fatally wounds Mercutio and leaves. Mercutio yells "A plague o' both your houses!" before dying.

Vengeful, Romeo challenges and kills Tybalt before realizing what he had done.