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Portrait of TybaltFile:Tybalt.png
Race Human
Gender Male
Location Avon
(Globe Theatre)


Tybalt is Juliet's cousin and a member of the Capulet family. He is an excellent fencer according to Mercutio when he labels him as "The King of the Cats." Tybalt is often described as a "hot-headed" person.

Story of Romeo and Juliet

Act 1 Scene 1

While the Montagues and Capulets are fighting, the hot-headed Tybalt soon joins in the fray.


Crude and hateful
as their low status. Have at thee,


Act 1 Scene 3

Romeo spots Juliet in the masquerade and falls in-love with her. However, Tybalt overhears this and informs his uncle. However, Lord Capulet orders his nephew to stand down, who scowls at the decision but ultimately leaves.

Act 3 Scene 1

Tybalt, still angry from yesterday, confronts Mercutio of Romeo's whereabouts. Mercutio soon brings up a spar, but Romeo shows up. Mercutio then tries to protect Romeo by fighting Tybalt, but the star-crossed lover stops. However, Tybalt fatally wounds Mercutio and leaves. Mercutio yells "A plague on both your houses!" before dying.

Vengeful, Romeo challenges and kills Tybalt before realizing what he had done.


  • In the Generation 14 Credits, Tybalt can be seen signing autographs to three fan-girls while a staff member tries to appease them.