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Portrait of Paris
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Aristocrat
Location Globe Theatre (Verona)


Count Paris is the man who is in love with Juliet, even though she does not return his feelings. He is also kinsman to the Lord of Verona and Mercutio.

Story of Romeo and Juliet

Act 1 Scene 2

Lord Capulet speaks to a servant when interrupted by Count Paris, a man who loves Juliet although she won't return the favor. They have a little talk and the Lord assures Paris about Juliet loving him at the ball, and come to an agreement.

Act 3 Scene 3

Count Paris and Lord Capulet discuss for a wedding. They then come to an agreement.

"Mad" Paris

Upstairs, Juliet is concerned about the wedding, which upsets her parents. After Lord/Lady Capulet leave, Juliet heads to Friar Laurence to escape this horrible event.

Act 4 Scene 1

At Frair Laurence's cell, the priest comforts Juliet by arranging a plan: Using Verona Herbs, he gives Juliet a drug to be drunken the night before her "wedding", intoxicating her, but in the morning, must agree to Count Paris's wedding. This potion will cause Juliet to lay asleep for approximately forty-eight hours, but she is given the appearance of death (no warmth, no breath, no heartbeat, no pulse, etc.), so instead of a wedding with Count Paris, it will be a funeral for Juliet. The young Capulet quickly agrees to the plan with high hopes of it working.

Act 4 Scene 2

Juliet apologizes to her parents and agrees to the wedding. At that night, she follows Laurence's plan.

The following morning, Paris learns her death. Laurence assures him and the Capulets that everything will be all right.

Act 5 Scene 2

Following Juliet's death, Paris has now lost his sanity and has transformed into Mad Paris. At the Capulet's tomb, he spots Romeo and, assuming he plans to defile the tomb, attacks him. However, in retaliation, Romeo slays Paris.

Paris's Equipment