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Portrait of Meven
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Tir Chonaill's Head Priest
Location Tir Chonaill (Inside Church)


Dressed in a robe, this composed man of moderate build maintains a very calm posture. Every bit of his appearance and the air surrounding him show that he is unfailingly a man of the clergy. Silvery hair frames his friendly face, and his gentle eyes suggest a rather quaint and quiet mood with flashes of hidden humor.

Meven is a priest in Tir Chonaill. In his youth, he was sent to Tir Chonaill by the grand church of Lymilark as a missionary.

Some travelers are under the impression that religious figures are extremely zealous in their piety towards God, but Meven is able to prove to them otherwise. His sagacious and humble way in approaching others is a subject of surprise for many.

Because Meven has lived in Tir Chonaill for years, he is knowledgeable of even little things that have come about in the town's history. He was, for example, aware of young Ranald's feeling towards Endelyon and cheered him on from behind.

Meven's Quote: "This world moves under God's will. We should always remember this..."[1]

Favorite Items

Meven's Equipment