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Inventory icon of Candlestick

2 × 2

A candlestick with an antique feel.

Methods to Obtain

NPC Stores

Who Where Cost
Endelyon Tir Chonaill 100g
Kristell Dunbarton
Collen Taillteann

Fishing Locations

Monster Drops

What Where
Small Ice Worm (White) Par Snow Crystal

Used in

Part-time Jobs


Beginner Deliver Candlestick to Kristell 300 EXP, 220 Gold
or 94 EXP, 376 Gold
or 468 EXP, 94 Gold
HP 10 Potion x8, 40 Gold
or HP 30 Potion x3, 55 Gold
or Stamina 10 Potion x10
Intermediate Deliver Candlestick to Kristell 400 EXP, 320 Gold
or 139 EXP, 516 Gold
Stamina 10 Potion x10, 545 Gold
or Sickle x1, 45 Gold
or Wizard Hat x1, 245 Gold
Advanced Deliver Candlestick to Kristell 500 EXP, 400 Gold
or 820 EXP, 160 Gold
or 180 EXP, 640 Gold
Pickaxe x1, 50 Gold
or Sickle x1, 200 Gold
or Wizard Hat x1, 400 Gold


Intermediate 1. Receive Candlestick from Nerys
2. Deliver Candlestick to Stewart
(2nd step says Kristell which is incorrect)
380 EXP, 250 Gold Slender Robe x1, 60 Gold
or Empty Bottle x1, 160 Gold


Intermediate Deliver the Ruffled Tuxedo Ensemble to Priest James
Deliver a Candlestick to Fraser
360 EXP, 480 Gold
or 168 EXP, 624 Gold

Thick Thread Ball x5, 744 Gold

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