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Milletians, NPCs, and Elephants, Oh My Event (2023)

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Milletians, NPCs, and Elephants, Oh My Event (2023)
April 1st 12:00 AM PDT, 2023 - April 1st 11:59 PM PDT, 2023


Happy April Fools' Day, Milletians! We hope your day is full of hearty laughs and silly pranks. [1]

Familiar Faces?

You never know who you'll encounter each day in Erinn. Who might be lurking near the Alban Training Center, or who might need your help with a dungeon? Explore Erinn and see who you can meet and greet with today!

  • The event features a range of story quest NPCs visiting Erinn:

Elephant in the Room Outdoors

  • Byrun the Smuggler is always traveling from location to location with his very best friend, the Elephant. Is the Elephant ok? If you come across Byrun the Smuggler today, why not ask him About the Elephant?
    • Byrun is a traveler, and is only visible from 10 PM to 6 AM Erinn time.
    • Milletians with an Active Life talent will be notified of Byrun's next location around 7 PM Erinn time.


[Event] CSI: Commerce Smuggler Investigation

How to Get Quest

Talk to Byrun and ask About the Elephant

Briefing Investigate the rumors of Smuggler Byrun's elephant abuse.
Additional Information

Smuggler Byrun only appears between 10 PM and 6 AM Erinn time.

Party Ads

These messages are rolled randomly in the <System> channel through the day. They all are preceded by a 'NPC' mention.

  • Altam: R>alban heroic PoGx3 2.4m emtry fee NM
  • Black Mask: B> Mysterious Robe, Black Mask Staff NMP
  • Briana: R>briana renown @dunby MG!
  • Brielle: B> Erg 45+/lvl 20 Act 7 Rev Control Bar
  • Brilluen: R>Daily Order N LF>1x shield 1x spike ;)
  • Caoimhin: Recruiting: Dadventure guild. Dads only.
  • Caswyn: free untradable fixed dyes. w/pihne
  • Cethlenn: B>All marleid fixed dye sets
  • Elatha: LF > help w ideal type quest
  • Far Darrig: S>Seashells by seashore rarrig
  • Ferghus: B>Perfect repair kits!1!11@@@@@@@
  • Fodla: R>[Astheris] Guild@Tir Chonaill town sq.
  • Folamh: R>CB Erg 100 1/4@entrance split arrow
  • Irusan: wHo KeEpS sTeAlInG mY mArBlEs??? >:3c
  • Llywelyn: B>Soc Sponsorship food. Near Melwyn.
  • Manannan: S>Kraken Heart. You shall friend req.
  • Merlin: LF>help/w entry to Red Dragon@Tara Altar
  • Morfydrianas:LF>RA Helper@Taill altar NO friend req
  • Pinkie: R>Fo4S hardx2@magmell 1sttime welcom uwu
  • Pihne: LF>Expert photog 4 cute SS@HangingGarden
  • Romeo: R>Thy aid for Warden o' the Gods Hard
  • Ruairi: Return player LF>vet dungeon carry@Poul
  • Sayiv: R>Merchant group commerce @Qilla!
  • Shylock: LF>2 for Shylock RP. Gold is no object.
  • Succubus Kristell: R>Phantasm learning @ Rabbie MG
  • Trefor: boreddd lol
  • Tracy: like nya~
  • Vayne: R>Revived Illusion Elite x2 @ Tech Duinn

NPC Information

NPC Location Equipment
Kristell Dunbarton (Near Rabbie Dungeon) Serpent's Eye Geas Dress (F)
Snow Princess Gloves (F)
Ailionoa Haute Heels (F)
Endless Winter Frostblossom Wings
Ruairi Dunbarton (Poulnabrone) Abaddon Sovereign Wear (M)
Beast Gloves (M)
Gladiator's Greaves (M)
Infinite Enchanting Aroma Prism Wings
Merlin Tara - Stonehenge Celtic Druid Staff
Royal Brawler Outfit (M)
National Prestige Academy Gloves (M)
Royal Brawler Open-Toed Shoes (M)
Shining Stage Dance Earrings
 ??? Wings
Briana Dunbarton (Near Moon Gate) Graffiti Streetwear Hoodie (F)
 ?? shoes
Mafia Hand Bling (F)
Checkmate Lute
Black Angel Wings
Romeo Avon - Globe Theater Special Apricot Blossom Outfit (M)
Apricot Blossom Boots (M)
White Heavenly Grace Wings
Fluffy Kitty Tail
Juliet Avon - Globe Theater Juliet Wig
Special Apricot Blossom Outfit (F)
Ailionoa Haute Heels (F)
White Heavenly Grace Wings
Fluffy Kitty Tail
Altam Dunbarton - Alban Training Grounds Emblem Special Winter Forest Wanderer Outfit (M)
Luna Fairy Strap Bracelet
Winter Wool Explorer Boots (M)
Abyssal Catsidhe Headband
Black Heavenly Grace Wings
Brilluen Emain Macha - Crusader Assembly Area ?? Gloves
Cup o' Joe
Special Shining Stage Dance Costume (F)
Brilluen Wings
Brilluen Wig and Horn
Steam Engineer High Heels (F)
Caswyn Tara - Rath Royal Castle 2F - Hanging Gardens Special Messenger Bag Sporty Wear (M)
Mafia Hand Bling (M)
Modern School Shoes (M)
Ailionoa Haute Wings
Pihne Tara - Rath Royal Castle 2F - Hanging Gardens Special Sling Bag Sporty Wear (F)
Prep Heart Bracelet (F)
Modern School Shoes (F)
Ailionoa Haute Wings
Llywelyn Dunbarton - Royal Society of Astronomy Tent Special Classic Eastern Outfit
Demonic Forehead Horns
Fluffy Five-tailed Fox Tail
Royal Prestige Academy Shoes (M)
Royal Brawler Wraps
Fodla Tir Chonaill - Tir Chonaill Square ?? Gloves
Frozen Heart Dress (F)
Blue Hydrangea Veil
Peacock's Visage Control Bar Masque
Ailionoa Haute Heels (F)
Deep Abyss Wings
Deirbhile Tir Chonaill - Tir Chonaill Square Royal Mage Outfit (F)
Winter Royal Elegant Long Boots (F)
Black Rose Staff
Innocent Sweet Butterfly Temptation Wings
Vayne Tech Duinn Lobby Beast Suit (M)
Midnight Agent Gloves (M)
Blessed Ornament Boots (M)
Vintage Walking Cane
Dignified Mafia Costume Coat
Morfydrianas Taillteann - Stonehenge Morfyd's Wig and Glasses (F)
Special Ailionoa Haute Dress (F)
Autumnal Festivity Ribbon Gloves (F)
Snow Princess Shoes (F)
Abyssal Starbright Wings
Pinkie Mag Mell Eluned Adorable Pintuck Suit (F)
Hydrangea Gloves (F)
Bunny Dress Shoes
Peaceful Ribbon Tail
Flora Lantern
Katell Mag Mell ?? Outfit
Scholar Calf Boots (F)
Arctic Fox Lantern Tail
Folamh Tory Ravine - Crom Bas Entrance Elegant Lotus Shawl Suit (M)
Radiant Black Rose Underwings
Celestial Daydream Staff
Snow Prince's Shoes
Snow Prince Gloves (M)
Height-Boosting Insoles (M)


Ordered by NPC generation order.