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Portrait of ManusFile:Manus.png
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Healer
Location Dunbarton
(Inside Healer's House)
Part-Time Job Healer's House / Church
6:00 am - 3:00 pm
Report From: 9:00 am
Track Long Live, Hurray, Hurrah!
I could give medicine... but it would be much better if you take care of your health as an everyday practice.



This man is wearing a green and white healer's dress. Unlike other men, his neatly trimmed hair, long and rich, is carefully tied in braids and hangs down his broad shoulders.

Manus is the healer of Dunbarton. After moving to Dunbarton not too long ago, he opened a healer's clinic.


Contrary to his physique now, Manus spent most of his childhood being frail and diseased. This is perhaps why he is, in a degree, obsessed with the topic of health and one's well-being.

However, his optimist and enthusiastic approach to life is something from which everyone should learn.

Mainstream Story




Secret Shop

Special Coupon Shop

Manus has a Secret Shop only accessible by using a sidequest reward coupon on him.

Part-Time Jobs

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Manus has authored a book:



Track Title
Long Live, Hurray, Hurrah!
Entering the Healer's House


  • Manus' portrait and character model was changed from a Caucasian male to a black male during American localization.
    • His description also mentions that his "neatly trimmed hair, long and rich, is carefully tied in braids and hangs down," which is not true of the new design.
    • His previous image can be seen while doing his Part-Time Job if the Quest list is looked at.
    • His original appearance is also shown during the quest to learn the Herbalism skill from him.