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Ogre Transport Helper

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Portrait of Ogre Transport HelperFile:Ogre Transport Helper.png
Ogre Transport Helper
Race Ogre (Fomor)
Gender Unknown
Occupation Trade Helper
Location Commerce
Repair Fomor Weapon, 90%
For the Ogre enchant, see Rank C Enchants#Ogre.
For the Monster variant, see Ogre.
For the Bandit variant, see Bandit#Ogre.


It has innocent eyes, but it's gobbling meat like a starving lion.

The Ogre Transport Helper is a Fomorian Ogre who provides transportation services at the Trade Posts as part of the Commerce. These transports allow players to move faster and carry more items. The Ogre can also teach Commerce Mastery.

The Ogre seems to be timid and shy, having very little intelligence.

The Ogre constantly consumes meat, and would spend money for it. It also was tempted to eat the Horses and Elephants it had raised, but managed to hold back.

If players try to purchase a transport and do not have an additional 1,000 Ducats, the Ogre will say that they will regret it, as they will then have little-to-no money.


Transportation Methods
- For Cosmetic Skins, see Here -
Name Appearance Storage Weight Capacity Speed Cost
Backpack Icon.png
Backpack.png 4 400 ~91% 0 Ducats
Handcart Icon.png
Handcart.png 6 800 100%
Equal to
Human running speed
3,000 Ducats
Wagon Icon.png
Wagon (Commerce).png 8 900 190%
Equal to
Haflinger running speed
100,000 Ducats
(Must have Handcart)
Alpaca Wagon Icon.png
[Alpaca] Wagon
Alpaca Wagon.png 10 1100 Equivalent to the Wagon (Must have Alpaca Pet Summoned)
(Must have Wagon)
Elephant Icon.png
Pack Elephant
Varies in Color Randomly
Elephant (Commerce).png 7 1700 137%
Equal to Elf with
Rank C Wave Sweeper
350,000 Ducats
(Must have Handcart)
Dog Sled Icon.png
Dog Sled
Dog Sled.png 11 700 186%
309% while in Physis
300,000 Seasonal Ducats
(Rented per Season)
(Must have Wagon and Pack Elephant)
Camel Icon.png
Camel.png 7 1400 215%
307% while in Connous
133% while in Physis
300,000 Seasonal Ducats
(Rented per Season)
(Must have Wagon and Pack Elephant)
Trader's Skiff Icon.png
Trader's Skiff
Trader's Skiff.png 8 1200 240% 1,000,000 Seasonal Ducats
(Rented per Season)
(Must have Dog Sled and Camel)
Airship Icon.png
Airship.png 18 2500 ??? 5,000,000 Seasonal Ducats
(Rented per Season)
(Must have Seasonal Commerce Rank Silver 5)
(Only Required by Party Leader)



  • The Ogre names seem to end with either an "e" or a "p" sound.