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Mini Potion

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A character under the effects of the Mini Potion.

Drinking this will turn you small, allowing you to pass through places you couldn't before. Take Caution, as this will cancel the Demigod or Transformation status. You will not be able to use any skills while small.

Icon of Mini Potion
Size: 1 x 1
Stack: 10
General Information
Name Mini Potion Resell Value 500 G
Sold By This item is not sold by any store vendors.
Obtained By
Consumable Yes Toxicity ?
Effect Reduces the size appearance of the character for 30 seconds.
Potion Making Information
This potion cannot be created with Potion Making.


  • Players under the effects of this potion have access through mouseholes in certain Tara Rath Castle Shadow Missions, such as The Other Alchemists, where treasure chests guarded by the Giant Leprechaun can be opened.
  • This potion causes a cosmetic mini-size and reduced hit-box size.
  • Players are restricted from skills and suffer damage reduction throughout the duration of the potion. However, gestures can still be used.
  • When consumed, a message will be displayed: "You've become small enough to fit through the mouse hole."
  • A sparkly effect similar to pet summon/unsummon will be shown.
  • The mini effect lasts 1 minute, and indefinitely within the chest room.

NOTE: Mini Potions may not leave the Shadow Mission. They will disappear from your inventory if present there when you exit the Shadow Mission.


  • If you enter a mousehole and exit the Shadow Mission, you will stay mini until you log out or change channels, even while outside of the Shadow Realm. Mini Potion restrictions are still applied, however. If you enter a Homestead during this, you will be unable to leave unless you log out or the potion's effects wear off.