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Offering Circle

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Offering Circles are special druid/fomor circles found in certain Shadow Missions, namely Offering, Enemy Behind, Lingering Darkness, Ghost of Partholon, Golden Apple, and Spin Control!.

Enemies that appear near these circles must be "sacrificed" in order to proceed with the mission, as in their corpse must land within the circle. Only killing blows count; enemies with "Finish" above their head do not.

At first, the circle appears as light blue. It then darkens and shrinks as more enemies are offered, the number of opponents needed to be sacrificed varies by mission. When the circle becomes a clear white, the "offering" is complete.
In the case of The Golden Apple, the Offering Circle appears as a yellowish color with veins sprouted around, and does not shrink at all.

The original size of the circle varies by the Shadow Mission. The circles in Offering and The Golden Apple are notably large, but the ones in Enemy Behind, Lingering Darkness, and Ghost of Partholon are quite small.