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Hillwen's Nightmare Event

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For similar events, see Lorraine's Nightmare Event (2012).
August 7th, 2013 - August 31st, 2013


You will receive a daily quest and you must speak to Caravan Joe with 5 members in your party. Once in the mission you must take down waves of monsters to obtain rewards. Depending on which round you made it to, you may get the following items:

Round EXP Gold Bonus
1 41,500 2,900
2 74,700 6,400
3 103,750 11,200
4 145,250 12,800
5 207,500 22,300
6 290,500 25,600
7 415,000 34,200
8 581,000 51,200 Hillwen Mine Comprehensive Gift Box

*You will be automatically removed from the mission once completed.


Zeder II
Meriel PE
Dowra SE
Taunes MK3
Savage Lightning Wand
Savage Fire Wand
Savage Ice Wand
Hermit's Staff
Apprentice's Enchant Scroll
Officer's Enchant Scroll
Magical Enchant Scroll
Engineer's Enchant Scroll
Spy's Enchant Scroll
Royal Guard's Enchant Scroll
Automatic Enchant Scroll
High-Powered Enchant Scroll
Poacher Enchant Scroll
Excavation Enchant Scroll
Assault Enchant Scroll
Camo Enchant Scroll
Lyre (Real Blue)
Lyre (VIP Real Red)
Lyre (Real Gold)
Lyre (Real White)
Golden Hammer of Durability (Not tradable)
Dual Gun Training Potion (Event)
100 Mana Bullets
100 High-Density Mana Bullets
Mining Drill
Engineering Hammer
Blasted Oak Wand
Ecology Specimen Bag
Hillwen Engineering Bag
Dual Gun Repair Kit
Blue Upgrade Stone
Variety of Gems
White Herb * 10
Mandrake * 10
Antidote Herb * 10
Finest Cuilin Stone * 10
Finest Silk * 10
Finest Firewood * 10
Finest Leather Strap * 10
Finest Leather Pouch * 10
Finest Fabric * 10
Movement Speed 40% Boost Potion (10 min)
Movement Speed 40% Boost Potion (5 min)
Movement Speed 30% Boost Potion (10 min)
Movement Speed 30% Boost Potion (5 min)
Variety of Potions


  • Log in everyday to receive the quest Hillwen Mine Nightmare.
    • The quest resets every day after 6:00am PST100.
    • You may only partake in the event while you have this quest.
  • Caravan Joe will be located in the Tir Chonaill Square for the duration of the event.
  • Gather 5 players into a party with the quest, then talk to Caravan Joe. You will enter a desolate version of Hillwen Mine B1, where you will RP as yourself, similar to the Advancement Test Hall.
    • In this instance, you only retain your equipment, excluding weapons, and your stats will be significantly lowered. You will not have your title nor guild name, nor will anything in your inventory prior to entering be available to you. In exchange for your items, you will be given 5 Lorna's Goldboxes or Pan's Goldboxes, 20 Phoenix Feathers, 20 Bandages, and 3 Ice Mines.
      • You will additionally receive a total of 5000 gold in the form of 1000g per Lorna or Pan box you receive.
      • Your equipment in the Style Tab will not appear in the instance.
  • Two NPCs, Marcellus and Lorraine, will be at the area where the party enters the nightmare.
    • At the beginning, talk to Marcellus to choose what style of fighting you want to use throughout the battle. After choosing your talent, he can be used to buy stats (in increments of 10 for stats and 50 for max HP, MP, and Stamina) and skill ranks with the Gold you receive from defeating the monsters.
    • Lorraine will have a store where you can buy potions, alchemy crystals, and various consumables.
      • Lorraine's store will be affected by Tuesday's 5% discount.
      • The NPCs can be damaged and moved by planting an Ice Mine nearby and shooting it.
  • After approximately one minute after all classes have been chosen, monsters will begin to spawn. The objective is to protect the exit, which has 50 HP, from being damaged. There will be eight waves and three different bosses with one minute breaks in between each round.
    • Monsters will run directly for the mine exit and only stop to combo a player once after being provoked. However, the bosses will aggro and attack once a player comes within their range.
      • It is possible to stop the mobs by placing a Barrier Spikes directly in their running path, as their AI is scripted to simply run toward the exit while ignoring anything in their path unless attacked. However, they may attempt to go around it or, if they are stuck, teleport behind it after lingering too long.
    • Unlike normal zombies, all types of zombies have human running speed.
    • Unlike normal zombies, all types of zombies do not have Passive Defenses.
    • The Liches in this event are not immune to all damage.
    • For each monster that reaches the exit point, one point of HP will be taken off. In the case of a boss monster (Lich) reaching the exit, 5 points of damage are dealt.
    • Monsters may drop gold that can be used to purchase things from Marcellus and Lorraine.
    • The background music cycles between resting point, monster spawn point, and boss spawn point.
  • If all players are incapacitated, the mission will fail.
  • Each round apparently has a time limit before automatically failing.
  • For each successive round, the EXP and Gold reward is increased. However, players will not receive a notice about how much Gold was received.
    • 581,300 EXP, 51,200 Gold, and a Hillwen Mine Comprehensive Gift Box are rewarded upon completing all 8 rounds.
      • You must defeat the boss on the 8th round. If you let it pass, it will only count as 7 rounds rather than 8 completed.

Spawn Patterns


  • Any Equipment Combination Effects you have active in the normal world will not take into effect in the in the Hillwen Mine Nightmare Role-play.
    • Auto Defense will still activate.
    • Equipment stats such as Defense and Protection will also be retained giving the player more Defense/Protection, respectively.
  • A high ranked Ice Spear may come a long way for stopping multiple mobs.
    • Ice Spear will cause mobs to teleport due to being stuck in place for too long. Caution is advised.
    • Additionally 2 mages highly ranked in Ice Spear and Ice Mastery (preferably Rank 1 for both skills) can effectively handle all 8 rounds due to Ice Spear's multi-splash nature that create an endless chain of freezing.
      • Although monsters from Round 4 and up have Mana Deflector, the splash freeze still applies to them and they can be frozen to create splash to the other monsters around them.
        • Although Ice Spear is effective, using it too close to the HP circle carries the risk of throwing the zombies into the circle while they are still alive, causing damage to the circle's HP.
    • Mages may use any leftover gold to rank Ice, Fire, Lightning, or Magic Mastery up to Rank 1 for reduced Mana cost and increased damage or increased Mana and Magic Balance.
  • It may be more cost efficient to rank stats rather than skills at that give a certain stat (i.e. Raising Mana (MP) by 50 rather than ranking Magic Mastery for 10 Mana). However, this is not recommended, as potions and offensive skills serve better.
  • Multiple Giants can effectively spam Stomp to lock multiple enemies in place giving time for mages to charge their magic.
  • Two alchemists with Rank 1 Shock can take turns shocking themselves to create an endless stun chain (30 seconds each) which allows the mages enough time to cast their magic. This is possible due to Shock's 30 second duration and 1 minute cooldown time.
  • Thanks to their low damage given from low strength and intelligence, Gunslingers cannot do much in the fight but delay the enemy with their long-ranged instant normal attacks. The only skills useful at their disposal are Bullet Storm and Shooting Rush to hamper the mass mobs and Grapple Shot to reel in against a straggler. They should only obtain Rank 9 Shooting Rush for the lowered cooldown, then focus on Bullet Storm for damage as well as Strength and Intelligence.
    • After selecting Gunslinger, Reload both weapons. If one runs out of ammo, instead of taking time to Reload again, switch to the other gun.
    • Use Shooting Rush toward the exit, as it forces enemies to fly back into the mine and away from the exit.
    • Way of the Gun may be helpful as a gunner with a high maximum damage can keep critical hitting for massive damage to the mobs and keep up with the stronger waves, though this damage boost is only limited to one mob.
  • The White Prison Zombies and Emerald Hyenas have Level 2 Mana Deflector.
  • The Volatile Zombies have Self-Destruct.
    • A good strategy is to utilize a Mage's Ice Spear freezing to cast 5 charges, freeze a volatile zombie, and back away and repeat to avoid damage from the explosion. An added bonus is the explosion will deal damage to the mobs surrounding and Ice Spear's splash freeze will kick in immediately after.
  • Oddly enough, the Liches will not move until a player is within their presence. However, it is advised to let the Lich pass until the final one, as they can easily wipe out the party and effectively cause the battle to fail.
    • Since Giants can not play dead, it may be best to send them out first, and give other players the chance to Play Dead and/or Hide.
      • Another Option is to stack behind the left beam close to the wall where a small half circle crevice forms. It provides far enough distance to avoid detection from any of the bosses.
  • Placing Barrier Spikes where the track splits will cause the enemies to stop in their tracks. Be aware that if the mobs linger for too long, they will teleport behind the spikes.
    • Barrier Spikes in certain spots at the beginning or end of the tunnel may cause mobs to wander back and forth, creating a safe way to dispatch them without having to worry about mobs teleporting after standing in place for too long.
  • The liches never repeat in spawns. Use this to keep track of what would be the next possible boss.
  • Emerald Shriekers are immune to Shock. It is advised that mages and gunners target them.


Hillwen Mine Nightmare
How to Get Quest

Log in every day at 6:00am PST100 during the Hillwen's Nightmare Event.

Briefing Terrible monsters are trying to escape from the Hillwen Mine! I need your help!
  • Stop the Hillwen Mine Nightmare
  • Stop the Hillwen Mine Nightmare
  • Stop the Hillwen Mine Nightmare
Additional Information
  • You only need to survive at least one round and then talk to Caravan Joe to complete one section of the quest.
    • Leaving right after a round has been completed does not count; you must either succeed or fail the mission to have the quest count.
  • The quest log will reset every 6:00am PST100, regardless of whether or not you have completed the quest.