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On Effective Treatment of Wounds

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On Effective Treatment of Wounds[1]
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A guide to healing wounds or recovering the loss of HP.

Obtain From Nessa, Heulfryn, Kirine, Royal Guard Physician
Homestead Fishing Event
Price 530
Tradability Tradable
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- On Effectively Treating Wounds -

written by Fraunsis

Wounds are caused while fighting monsters and they do not heal easily. If you look at your Status window (press C), you will see a pink bar that indicates your HP, and above it on the right side, there is something called 'wound'. If the number indicates 00, that means you have no wounds. The higher that number is, the more wounds you have. When you are wounded, the pink bar will turn black. If you get your wounds treated, the black area will shrink. You can think of wounds as your maximum HP being decreased. This becomes really inconvenient when you are fighting. Then, let's find out ways to get your wounds treated.

First, if you use the Rest skill and sit down, your wounds will naturally heal (except in dungeons), just like how wounds naturally heal in real life with time. However, the healing speed is very slow. To speed up the process, you can sit near a campfire. You will see that your wounds will heal much faster.

The problem is what to do inside dungeons. Dungeons are cold and dark, so even if you rest, your wounds do not heal. Also, there are monsters that shoot arrows that can cause significant damage.

There are mainly two ways to heal your wounds inside a dungeon. First, you can start a fire, and sit next to it. Because the dungeon is cold and humid, this method works really well. This is also a good method because it doesn't cost a lot of money and an entire Party can benefit from it. The only disadvantage is that it takes some time to set up, but it's the ideal method for those of you who are poor.

The second method is using the First-Aid kit. First-Aid is used to heal your wounds immediately.

Only those who have learned the First-Aid skill can use the skill. I imagine there are many of you asking how you can learn that skill. To explain quickly, you can learn this skill by talking to Dilys at the Healer's House when your HP status is 'DEADLY'. This means that your health is in a negative state. More accurately, this happens when you receive a deadly blow from a monster and you are barely alive without any HP left. You will know when this happens because your Status window will say 'DEADLY'. It won't be easy to get to the Healer's House in this state because one more hit will knock you out. It's not a easy skill to obtain. Also, to use the First-Aid skill, you will need to buy bandages from Dilys, so it's not a cheap skill either. However, you can save a lot of time, and it heals your wounds instantly. It definitely comes in handy when you get hit by an arrow and are wounded badly.

If you understand that healing a sitting person is more effective than a person who is standing, you'll understand this as well. The most ideal place to heal a person is a person sitting next to a campfire.