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Portrait of Kirine SeerbarschFile:Kirine.png
Kirine Seerbarsch
Race Giant
Gender Female
Occupation Queen of the Giants
and Healer
Location Vales
(Chief's House)
Part-Time Job Healer's House
6:00 am - 3:00 pm
Report From: 9:00 am
Repair Magical Weapon Repairs, 93%
Track Snowfield Moonlight
What do you think of Vales? It's pretty desolate, huh? Nothing but snow...




With pale skin that is as white as snow, you can catch a glimpse of Kirine's awkward smile through the dull reflection of the frost-covered hand mirror.

Kirine is a pretty but cynical looking female Giant and is the Queen of the Giants. She is the wife of King Krug and is located near him, in the southern part of Vales, inside the Chief's House. She also has a mirror which reflects her somewhat twisted demeanor when you talk to her.

She is usually quiet and seems to be more interested in Taunes than her husband, Krug, but tries to hide it.


Mainstream Story



Secret Shop

Kirine has a Secret Shop, which is accessed by raising your level of NPC Intimacy with her.

Part-Time Jobs

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Track Title
Snowfield Moonlight
Speaking to Kirine


  • Kirine's theme, Snowfield Moonlight, is a remix of Beethoven's Sonata No. 14, or Moonlight Sonata.
  • Kirine's model is different than other female giants; she was originally the only female giant and female giant characters were not planned to be selectable. As a result, her attack motion is the same as the human/elf motion. This may suggest that her model is a remodeled version of a human character.
    • Her model is still unique, even after all giant models got renewal updates.
  • Originally, Kirine's concept art had her holding a smoking pipe. This was eventually changed to a mirror.