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Portrait of OslaFile:Osla.png
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Weapons Dealer
Location Emain Macha
(Outside Weapons Shop)
Part-Time Job Weapons Shop
3:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Report From: 5:00 pm
Repair Blacksmith Repairs, 95%
Track Happy Happy Life
ho~eh~ happy happy life, you too?



A beautiful lady wearing a detailed plate armor holds her hand up to her face, as if curious but slightly troubled. Her deep green eyes sparkle underneath her raised eyebrows. Her light brown hair is tied in a pony-tail behind her head which hangs down past her shoulders. As she talks she seems distracted, and whenever she is not talking she hums quietly to herself.

Osla runs the weapon shop in Emain Macha. She daydreams a lot and sometimes talks to herself. She thinks that it is attractive, when in fact it simply makes her look like an airhead.[1] She elongates some words with certain syllables, such as all like "aaaaaaaall" and good like "gooooood." and used a lot of ellipses in her speech, which Nele comments on.[2]

She doesn't have a boyfriend. She is a good friend of Del however.


She has a tendency to be a pack rat, holding onto a lot of things. She does not throw the items away, however she does not remember who gave her the items, and just leaves them sitting around in her house. This eventually leads to a quarrel between Osla and Del.

Mainstream Story



Part-Time Jobs

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Track Title
Happy Happy Life
Speaking to Osla


  • She hints at liking Iron Ingots.
  • The sign for part-time jobs by her shop mentions 'handsome men are preferred'



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