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Graceful Plate Armor

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Similar to Adventurer's Graceful Plate (F) in appearance but half the base stats.


Equipped  Graceful Plate Armor viewed from the front Equipped  Graceful Plate Armor viewed from the side Equipped  Graceful Plate Armor viewed from the back Equipped  Graceful Plate Armor viewed from an angle
Front Side Back Angled

A female light armor designed by Claus, who was so awestruck when seeing this armor worn by the Goddess of War in his dream that he got up and designed it.

Base Stats and Information

Icon of Graceful Plate Armor
2 × 3
Base Stats Limitations
Defense 4 Durability 20 Human M Human F Blacksmith
90% = 59 G
93% = 239 G
95% = 359 G
96% = 419 G
97% = 479 G
98% = 599 G
100% = 1,198 G
Protection 1
4/0 Elf M Elf F
Magic Defense 0
NPC Value?
5,360 G
Giant M Giant F
Magic Protection 0 Worn On Body Enchant Reforge
Enchant Types?
/ Light Armor / Steel / 
Other Information
Obtained From?
Sold By?

Dye Details

Items can be dyed using Dye Ampoules. The colors available depend on the palette of the part to be dyed.

  Part A Part B Part C
Dyed Part Overall armor Band around the middle Skirt
Palette Used Armor Metal Armor Metal Cloth

Tailoring Details

Pattern's Name Pattern's Rank Production
Pattern's Location In-progress
Materials Needed
per Attempt
Avg. Completion
per Success
Sewing Pattern.png
Sewing Pattern -
Graceful Plate Armor
4 49,800 Fishing Boat Graceful Plate Armor Craft.png Finest Silk × 2
Fine Fabric × 2
Fine Leather Strap × 1
Finest Finishing Thread × 1
Iron Ingot × 3
Approx. 6 attempts.


See Armor Upgrades.