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For a full list of arrows and other missiles, see Missiles List and Category:Missiles.


Inventory icon of Arrow

1 × 3
Stack: 100

A well-refined set of arrows in a quiver. These arrowheads penetrate deep into the enemy, causing a wound that doesn't heal easily.


Human and Elf only.

Methods to Obtain

NPC Stores

Who Where Cost
Ferghus Tir Chonaill 15g (20 arrows)
75g (100 arrows)
Nerys Dunbarton
Elen Bangor
Nicca Qilla Base Camp
Osla Emain Macha
Kayna Port Cobh
Blyss Belvast Island
Urman Beach of Scathach
Royal Supply Guard Taillteann 16g (20 arrows)
80g (100 arrows)
Meles Filia
Elf Supply Guard Taillteann
Colm Tara


Monster Drops

Used In

Magic Craft