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Partners/Commerce Partner Quests

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Quest EXP Type Notes
Give 500 Ducats. 30,000 Ducats
Give 1,000 Ducats. 50,000 Ducats
Give 1,500 Ducats. 80,000 Ducats
Give 2,000 Ducats. 100,000 Ducats
Give 2,500 Ducats. 120,000 Ducats
Give 3,000 Ducats. 150,000 Ducats
Give 3,500 Ducats. 180,000 Ducats
Give 4,000 Ducats. 200,000 Ducats
Give 4,500 Ducats. 220,000 Ducats
Give 5,000 Ducats. 250,000 Ducats
Defeat 3 Bandits while trading. 50,000 Hunt
Defeat 6 Bandits while trading. 100,000 Hunt
Defeat 10 Bandits while trading. 150,000 Hunt
Defeat 15 Bandits while trading. 200,000 Hunt
Give 2 Ruthless Bandit Badges. 200,000 Badge William-only Quest
  • Note: Since Ducats are nonexchangeable, you only need to talk with your Partner. You will lose the ducats specified.
  • In addition to bandits killed during Commerce, those killed during Pursuit and in Saga missions will also count towards the Commerce Partner's quest.