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Outlaw Pursuit

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For more information about the commerce system, see Commerce.
Message that appears once in Pursuit Mode in-game


The outlaws on the Wanted board.
The SD sticker on an outlaw with a big bounty.

Outlaw Pursuit allows players to hunt down criminals and bring them to justice. Outlaws initially spawn during Bandit Ambushes, but will not be able to be fought. When enough players have been stolen from by Outlaws, they will appear on the Wanted Board.

  • The amount of Seasonal Ducats that a bandit boss's group must steal in order to be wanted is around 1,500.
  • If a bounty is over a certain amount of ducats, an 'SD' sticker will appear next to the Outlaw's wanted poster portrait.

To Effect - Eye Purple.png pursue an outlaw, you must accept a bounty on the Wanted board near any Trade Post.

  • After accepting a bounty, you will be able to detect Bandit Ambush Spots as if you were performing a Commerce trade.
    • Unlike Commerce, Pursue Status has no limitations.
  • It is not possible to perform Commerce Trade while Pursuing.
  • Your goal is to find and fight Bandits in order to receive an Homestead Ticket.png Outlaw's Homestead Pass that will lead you to the Outlaw's Homestead, as well as the Shadow Mission Pursue the Outlaw!
  • The Bandits you may encounter will spawn as Veteran or Master ranked.
    • Boss-ranked Bandits do not spawn.

Spawn Patterns

  • Bandits can spawn in areas where they become inaccessible.
    • Bandits which spawn from these battles will behave like they would in any Ambush, though will only target player(s) in Pursuit Status in this case.
  • Bandits do not aggro pets as well as players mounted on them. Therefore, they can be taken down using pets that can attack while mounted without the worry of additional aggro.
  • One may also use Lance Charge, though this may prove somewhat ineffective due to its cooldown.
  • In open field maps, you can trigger a battle but may continue undetected if you are on a mount and ride-off to a far enough distance.
    • You may return to the scene of the battle if you were to revive (back to town) after being Knocked Unconscious, so long as you can make it in time.
    • It is both possible for a single Bandit encounter to drop multiple passes and to not have any drops at all.

The passes will expire after 3 minutes.

  • Their drop rate is unaffected by the type and rank of the bandit.
    • Therefore, it would be wise for a beginning pursuit player to accompany another person performing a Commerce trade who spawns the bandits you can deal with.
    • Passes may only be picked up by the player who dealt the killing blow to the bandit.
    • Passes are only dropped if the player is in pursuit mode.

If you do receive multiple passes, all of them are consumed upon entering the Homestead. It is strongly advised to pick up one pass, use it, then (if the Homestead does not have the Outlaw) leave, pick up the rest of the passes, quickly ferry them all over to the Wanted Board, drop all but one pass, and use them individually to increase your chances of finding the Outlaw without engaging more Bandits.

Bounty Details

The information window of an Outlaw Pursuit, showing the chosen bounty's details.
  • The Ducat bounty placed on that Outlaw increases over time or as more players are robbed.
    • The bounty is roughly 10% of the goods's value.
  • You may interact with the buttons at the top right corner of the screen to check the information on the bounty you have received as well to cancel the pursuit.
    • Changing channels as well as re-logging can also cancel the pursuit.
    • Pursuing also ends automatically if the outlaw being pursued is captured by another player.
  • The 'spot' where the Smuggler was seen during a previous Ambush, while in Commerce Trade, can be revisited through a Pursuit.
    • One must be in the same channel and map to encounter the Bandit spawn.
      • If another player triggered the spawn; the Bandit or Smuggler location will change once more for that map.
    • The Smuggler will not reappear with the spawn.

Outlaw's Homestead

For more information on the area, see here.

When entering the Bandit's Homestead, there is a chance that the outlaw will be there, otherwise you may kill the other bandits.

  • Your status of "Pursue" is canceled whether the Outlaw is there or not, forcing you to return to the Wanted Board if you wish to continue.
  • 20 minutes are given to the player in the Homestead.
  • You may not enter the Bandit Hideout with a party, though you may remain in one so long you are the party leader.
    • Only one player with the Pass will enter, leaving out the other members.
    • Only the player inside the Homestead will gain experience, regardless of the party status.
  • The player may not enter if they currently have a Shadow Mission active.
  • If the Outlaw is defeated, the one who defeated the outlaw will receive a Bounty Pouch rewarding the Ducat bounty placed on that outlaw, the Title "Outlaw Hunter" and the Journal Achievement "(Outlaw Name): Captured!"; and players who lost trade goods to that outlaw will receive a Ducat Pouch through the Mailbox with most of the stolen ducats.
  • While inside the Homestead, you may:
    • Defeat all the Bandits or the Outlaw to receive 1,000 Ducats and 100,000 Experience, or 5,000 Ducats and 200,000 Experience respectively.
      • Defeating all the bandits or the outlaw allows you to open the chest for a reward.
    • Mine Homestead Stones.
    • Use the various props present in the homestead.