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Demigods are mortal beings who possess the power of the Gods.

The Demigod skill tab, as well as Goddess Neamhain's skills, becomes available by completing Generation 10. By completing Generation 11 one gains the Shadow Spirit skill and the Brionac, which allows players to interact with it when under either the influence of Awakening of Light or Shock. By completing Generation 12, the player automatically receives Morrighan's abilities.

Players may use either Neamhain or Morrighan's skills, but not both. The Falias Gatekeeper states this is because the player lacks Macha's powers which would make the Badhbh Cath's abilities complete. Shadow Spirit can be used regardless your demigod support.

Skill EXP of all demigod skills is obtained upon normal level ups and rebirth. The skills do not require AP to rank.


Neamhain's Demigod (No Shadow Spirit)
Morrighan's Demigod (Maximum Shadow Spirit)
  • Unlike the other transformation skills, it can be used every ten minutes real-time (as opposed to once per in-game day).
  • Demigod can be activated with the Paladin, Dark Knight, Falcon and Beast transformations.
  • When you transform, an explosion effect around you deals damage to nearby enemies while pushing them back.
    • This effect will set off an opponent's Mana Deflector. However, they will still be pushed back.
  • While transformed you gain various effects:
    • 50% movement speed increase.
    • Health, Mana, and Stamina recovery rate is increased.
      • Wounds will not be recovered.
      • Dark Knights under the Disarm phase disables Demigod's HP recovery effect.
    • Demigod skills become usable.
    • The Brionac interface can be accessed, if Brionac is equipped.
    • Exhibit Advanced Heavy Stander at a set rate.
    • Arat Berry's effect. The radius increases at Rank 5 and 1.
    • Automatically uncover hidden artifacts near you while in Iria.
      • This only applies to artifacts that can be discovered with normal L-Rods.
    • Temporarily reveal the current dungeon map until the skill duration is over.
      • However, if you go to the next floor while using the skill, that floor's map will be revealed permanently.
  • Upon completion of Generation 12, one's powers will automatically be that of Morrighan.
  • Upon completion of the Generation 12 Mainstream, players are given the option to equip Treasures of Falias in order to boost certain attributes of Demigod skills or Brionac.
  • Wearing the entire Nuadha Set (robe for females or males, gloves, and boots) increases the length of Awakening of Light by one minute and increases damage of all demigod skills by 25%.

Demigod Support

  • To change affiliation, the player must travel to Falias and talk to Eabha there.
    • Affiliation change requires 5 Holy Water of Lymilark and can be done as often as desired.
    • Players must not be using Awakening of Light in order to change affiliations.
    • The player's current affiliation can be found in the Additional Info tab of the Character Menu within the "Demigod Support" square.

Ranking Skills

  • Points are not distributed amongst skills like other transformations; every level up and rebirth will award skill EXP to each of your demigod skills.
    • However, after completing Generation 12, you may be able to choose which goddess' powers you wish to use. Only active powers receive skill EXP.
      • Example: if you choose the powers of Neamhain the powers of Morrighan will not receive any skill EXP upon level up or rebirth.
  • It is possible to go over 100 Training EXP points.
    • The maximum training for a skill is 120 points.
    • Ranking the skill at more than 100 points will cause the excess to be placed into the next rank.
      • The excess EXP will be scaled down according to that particular rank's gains.
  • When a Demigod skill is ranked up, that skill is awarded with an extra 10 Skill EXP.
    • The extra 10 EXP is only awarded the first time the skill reaches that rank.
  • Wings of Eclipse will consume the current rank's EXP to maintain itself. See the skill's page for more information.

Demigod Skills

Skill Alliance Requires Support Obtained
Awakening of Light.png
Awakening of Light
None No Generation 10
Shadow Spirit.png
Shadow Spirit
Cichol No Generation 11
Spear of Light.png
Spear of Light
Neamhain Yes Generation 10
Fury of Light.png
Fury of Light
Neamhain Yes Generation 10
Wings of Eclipse.png
Wings of Eclipse
Morrighan Yes Generation 12
Wings of Rage.png
Wings of Rage
Morrighan Yes Generation 12


  • Unlike other transformations, the appearance of Demigod has no physical alterations to the character. Instead, there is a winged spirit hovering around the character, regardless of form. With lower graphical settings, the colors are whitened similar to the appearance of Final Hit.
    • These effects can be toggled between Full Effects Display for All, Full Effects Display for your self, or Simplify all Demigod effects.
    • When equipped with Wings, Demigod's wings will mask over them.
  • Players who have chosen Neamhain will have a white glowing mist in addition to the glowing winged form.
  • Players who have chosen Morrighan will have small black feathers fall from them in addition to the glowing winged form.
  • Players who have stolen shadows with Shadow Spirit will have a black shadow beneath them that follows them around.
    • This shadow's size is dependent on the number of shadows the player has saved up.


  • Prior to the Quality of Life 2 - Renewed Adventures Update, all Demigod skills would consume Training Exp on use.
    • If you dropped below 0 EXP for a skill, it would rank down.
    • If a skill was rank F and did not have the required skill EXP, it could not be used.
    • Wings of Eclipse would rank down if you did not have enough skill EXP to maintain it. When the skill ranked down, it would cancel automatically.