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Portrait of PiranFile:Piran.png
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Expeditionary Force
Location Tech Duinn
(After G22)


Beneath wavy chestnut hair that rustles gently in the breeze, you see eyes filled with sunny warmth. Looking at his rosy cheeks and honest grin, you can't help but appreciate his innocence and good cheer. A silvery pendant resembling two wings folded into a heart-like shape glimmers on his chest.

Piran is a follower of the Order of Hymerark. His poor directional senses and soft-mannered behavior paint him as a klutz[1] to the people that know him.



Mainstream Story



  • Piran will respond to the following items when given:
    • Handmade food
    • Bread-like foods
    • Alcoholic drinks


For detailed equipment information, see Piran/Data.


  • Has 3 younger siblings, 2 brothers and the youngest is a sister. All of his siblings have silvery hair, unlike himself.
    • His sibling's names from eldest to youngest are Ailbhe, Linden, and Sheena.
      • Sheena reportedly has short hair and red eyes.
  • His sense of direction is extremely poor.
  • Piran admits to being afraid of water due to a past incident.
  • His grip strength is so poor that he is unable to even crush a banana with his hands, according to Bhatair.
  • His constitution is comparable to a marshmallow, according to Marleid.
  • The name Piran could mean "prayer" in Irish.



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