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Protect Corrib Valley

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  • The objective is to prevent the monsters from reaching the gate to Tara.
  • Four monsters will spawn every 30 seconds for approximately 15 (real time) minutes, totaling 28 groups or 112 monsters.
    • They will run towards Tara unless attacked. The monsters will only aggro one at a time, so after an area of effect attack like Windmill, one will aggro you and the rest will continue running.
    • Be careful of the archers that will quickly aggro you.
  • Using barrier spikes is helpful to hold off the monsters. However, they will attack if they are unable to get through to the gate.
    • An effective tactic with the Barrier Spikes skill at rank 5 or higher involves three barriers being placed between the two rocks at the monster's spawn location. An archer should be positioned behind the barriers while someone with high-ranked Windmill stands in front (but far enough away to avoid hitting this player-made wall).
  • The mission is failed if ten monsters break through your defenses and infiltrate Tara.
  • It is advised to run this mission in a channel with no spawn lag because the mission will also be failed if there are too many enemies on the field at once. The amount of enemies necessary for this to occur is four waves' worth.

Mission Information


The enemy's location is marked in red.



Monster Spawn Patterns