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For rank 6 enchant, see Rank 6 Enchants#Purgatory.

Basic Information

  • Possessed only by Hasidim.
  • Hasidim only uses this skill when its Health is at a certain point based on the difficulty of the raid:
    • Hard: 0.00~70.00%
  • Hasidim leaps to it's target and imprisons them within a circle, which also deals damage and injury over time.
    • The target player will be knocked back when Hasidim leaps into the air.
  • A bar will appear over Hasidim's health bar indicating how many critical hits must be dealt to free the target player.
    • The number of critical hit's required ranges from 100 to 150 hits depends on Hasidim's remaining HP.
      • Way of the Gun is an extremely effective method of landing critical hits constantly and quickly.
  • Hasidim will slowly recover health as long as the target remains in purgatory.
    • In addition, if the target player has not been freed from purgatory, Hasidim will recover additional health and will gain increased speed and damage (similar to Girgashiy's Fanaticism).
    • After 10(?) seconds, or if the player dies, Hasidim will automatically end purgatory and recover additional health.
  • Hasidim cannot be attacked during the initial animation.
  • Any skills loaded prior to imprisonment will be canceled.
  • Damage over time ignores Mana Shield.
    • If Vital Surge is active prior to being targeted by Purgatory, the HP buffer of Vital Surge is deducted first.
  • The damage is based on the maximum health(?).
  • The injury is based on the maximum health(?).
  • Pets that Heals wounds and HP upon summon is highly recommended to aid in healing the trapped person.
  • Other players as well as pets, Summoned Golems, Pierrot Marionette, and Colossus Marionette can attack the Hasidim to free the imprisoned player.
    • However due to Hasidim's high protection, pets are unlikely to critical hit using normal attacks.