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Category:Raid Boss

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Spawn Time Information

Boss 1st Spawn Time 2nd Spawn Time
Sandworm 10:00am PST100 - 10:00am PST100 11:00pm PST100 - 11:30pm PST100
Desert Dragon 10:30am PST100 - 11:00am PST100 5:00pm PST100 - 5:30pm PST100
Black Dragon 11:00am PST100 - 11:15am PST100 7:00pm PST100 - 7:15pm PST100
White Dragon 11:30am PST100 - 11:45am PST100 7:30pm PST100 - 7:45pm PST100
Ifrit 12:00pm PST100 - 12:30pm PST100 (Above Ground) 1:00pm PST100 - 1:30pm PST100 (Underground)
Mammoth 12:00pm PST100 - 12:30pm PST100 4:00pm PST100 - 4:30pm PST100
Yeti 1:30pm PST100 - 2:00pm PST100 5:30pm PST100 - 6:00pm PST100
Giant Lion 2:00pm PST100 - 2:30pm PST100 8:00pm PST100 - 8:30pm PST100
Giant Alligator 3:00pm PST100 - 3:30pm PST100 6:00pm PST100 - 6:30pm PST100
Prairie Dragon 3:00pm PST100 - 3:30pm PST100 7:00pm PST100 - 7:30pm PST100
Red Dragon 4:00pm PST100 - 4:30pm PST100 9:00pm PST100 - 9:30pm PST100

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