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Category:Field Boss

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  • Field Bosses are boss-type enemies that spawn in fields.
  • Depending on the monster, field bosses spawn at a certain time based on real-life standards. For example, all of Uladh's field bosses may spawn a few times a day, while Iria's field bosses have a fixated time based on weekday and weekend.
  • All field bosses only linger around for a certain amount of time and will vanish and/or escape in some way if they are not defeated.
  • A field boss's Combat Power title will always appear blank, only the boss's name will appear when holding down the "Alt" key, no matter what CP level a player has. Therefore, a field boss will always appear to be a CP neutral monster which will allow a player to always gain experience and proficiency from them, even if the boss's actual CP title should be "Weak" or "Weakest" when compared to a player's CP level.
  • Fomor Command Scroll.png The Fomor Command Scroll is used to notify when the field boss will arrive but you are not required to use the command scroll, as the boss will spawn anyway.
    • Only players on the same map and channel will be notified, and the message marquee may be interrupted by game events.