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Rain of Thunder

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Crumena using Rain of Thunder


Rain of Thunder.png
  • Possessed only by the Red Dragon and Crumena.
  • The Dragon flies straight up and then calls down multiple strikes of thunder, dealing huge damage over a wide area.
  • The Dragon tends to use this skill when its wings are attacked more than other areas.
  • When the skill is used, an onscreen message states "It looks like the weather turned gloomy due to an unknown power.", followed by Rain.
  • This skill covers a very large area and attacks more quickly than Meteor.
    • Thunder strikes tend to fall in random areas as well as a player's current position.
  • If the Dragon is hit by Windmill as the weather is changing and before it flies up, the entire skill will cancel.
    • If the Dragon takes off, immediately flee from the affected area. Alternatively you may overlap high ranked Lightning Shields to decrease the damage of the lightning bolts.