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For the player skill, see Meteor Strike.
Crumena using Meteor
File:Succubus Queen Meteor.png
Succubus Queen using Meteor


  • Possessed only by Red Dragon, Crumena, Succubus Queen and Cessair's Heart (Saga 2 version only).
  • The dragon flies backward, opening a vortex that summons various meteors that crash onto the ground in certain areas, dealing massive damage.
  • Due to the massive stun time on meteors, if the player is hit by one, it is highly likely that they will be hit by another and be killed.
  • Has a 100% wound rate.
  • Best way to avoid Meteor is to follow the dragon's shadow and stand behind it about a horse's length away. Giants can use Stomp to create crevices in the ground that causes the meteors to miss, but does not work against the Renes G8 Final and Shadow Realm variant as the terrains are unalterable.
  • Land Maker action can be used by Humans and Elves using Snowfield L-Rod and Cold Wind L-Rod to avoid the attack. The ground must be dug at least two times for it to be deep enough to avoid the attack.
  • Players can call meteor strikes within Shadow Realms by using Adniel's Horn Bugle once per in-game day. These meteors do not wound, and will hit anyone in its vicinity.
  • Sera (Monster) and Deirbhile (Monster) have their own version of meteor, which does not show the meteor itself before launch. Instead, an area on the ground lights up where the individual meteors are to land.