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Requiem for a Pig

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An Unforgotten Pig summoned.
Inventory icon of Requiem for a Pig

2 × 1
Stack: 1

A mysterious capsule made from Yvona's memories. Summons Yvona's old pet pig to charge enemies and self-destruct. It can only be used in Shadow Missions, and the summon will vanish if you move to another region. You can be hurt by the explosion, so keep your distance! Can only be used once.


  • Upon usage, summons an Unforgotten Pig.
    • The Unforgotten Pig possess Windmill and is capable of normal attacks.
  • Can only be used in Shadow Missions or Theatre Missions.
  • Upon enemy detection, the Unforgotten Pig will rush towards the nearest target and Self-Destruct, dealing 1500~2000 damage to all targets within 7 meters.
    • Damage can be reduced by Explosive Defense Set Bonus (Effect - Bomb Black.png).
    • Not recommended for use in Provocation, since the pig is quite likely to detect the surrounding fence as a target and attack that rather than a mob.
  • The Unforgotten Pig will stay with the player for 30 seconds.