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Distance, sometimes called Range is a numerical description of how far apart a skill or object can reach. In Mabinogi, distance is measured in Centimeters, 100 Units of Distance is 1 Meter and can be estimated from the patterns on the ground, sprite size, and by using your skills as a reference. It is important to know the approximate distances in Mabinogi because many skills and monsters are distance determinative.

The Tumble skill may let the user determine the span of certain distances they travel. The slope and the height of the terrain may cause confusion, however. Tumble has a preset distance depending on rank and race.

When an effect has a circular area, the distance from the character to the target is called the Radius.

Since technically there is no real physical height in Mabinogi, only horizontal distance counts, regardless of terrain shape. For example, altitude is relative and not a constant measurement. Horizontal speed is constant regardless of terrain shape.

Distance Approximation (Minimap)

The cursor symbolizing the player.

On every map a cursor symbolizing the user is shown as 4 dots or circles:

  • A large white circle representing the player.
  • A pair of red dots representing the where the camera is focusing on.
    • Each of the smaller red dots can be as many as 2 or 3 dots depending on how wide or how small the area of the map is.
  • A white dot representing where the player is 'physically' looking towards.

Max Zoom.png Max Zoom2.png

  • On the left, shows the player pointing towards a target that is 2000 distance away. The map is zoomed-in on the maximum.
    • The bigger red circle or dot hovers on top of a red triangle which represents a fomor-monster.
  • On the right, the player is still pointing towards the same target at the same distance away. This map is zoomed-out once from the maximum.
    • Notice how one of the smaller red dot, closest to the user, is now representing the range of 2000 distance.

Distance Approximation

Distance bar.png

Some example ranges are:

  • 2500: Ego Leather Long Bow
  • 2000: Leather Long Bow
  • 1200: Barehanded Magic Bolt
  • 500: Windmill Rank 1
  • 400: Charge Minimum Range
  • 300: Windmill Rank F


  • Smash and Magnum Shot knockdown: +1000 distance
  • Normal Push-back: +500 distance
  • Windmill, Firebolt, and all Normal knockdown: +500 distance
  • The Action Play Dead will send the player flying around: 300 distance
  • The distance that may trigger a response or aggro most fomors and animals are around: 2000 distance
  • Highly aggressive fomors and animals respond at around: +3000 to 4000 distance
  • Some skills, such as Fantastic Chorus have a specific range in which they can take effect. This distance may grow visably as the skill is ranked up. In the case of the aforementioned skill, the range starts at 500 around the character, and eventually increases to 600, and finally 700.

Landmark Dimensions

These dimensions came about while using a Human character with the Novice rank of the Tumble skill and the Play Dead action:

  • The average dimension of each Marketplace Shop is around: 600 by 600
  • The approximate distance of Dunbarton outside the walls of its fort, including the towers on each corner, measures:
    • Going East to West, is around: 14700 distance
    • Going North to South, is around: 14000 distance
  • The plaza of Dunbarton square measures approximately: 3360 by 1760
  • The width of one Dunbarton street is approximately: 1300
  • The plot of land in the Farmlands of Taillteann are approximately: 1200 by 1200
    • At Rank Novice Tumble for Humans and Elves; the skill is needed to be used twice to span its distance: 600 x 2
  • Each field which holds the plot of land, in the Farmlands of Taillteann are measured approximately: 4200 by 3900
  • The raft in Suytu River measures: 1000 by 700
  • The docks lining Suytu River average around:
    • The bridge (stairs): 1100 distance
    • The pier or docks: 2700 distance
    • The width of each platform: 900 distance
  • The Great Hall in Rath Castle measures: 4800 by 5400 (facing north)
  • The main deck of a boat going to Belvast from Port Cobh measures: 2100 by 2700 (facing north)

Note: the term of 'distance' is measured in centimeters which is divided by one-hundred to get meters. (i.e.: 600 distance (centimeters) = 6 meters)

Render Distances

The maximum render distance obtainable depends on the loaded map. Some example render distances are:

  • Abb Neagh: 25000
  • Belvast: 12000
  • Blago Prairie: 21000
  • Connous: 25000
  • Corrib Valley: 21000
  • Dunbarton: 15000
  • Hillwen: 15000
  • Morva Aisle: 15000
  • Physis: 25000
  • Port Cobh: 15000
  • Rano: 25000
  • Scathach: 15000
  • Shyllien: 25000
  • Sidhe Sneachta: 15000
  • Taillteann: 25000
  • Tara: 21000
  • Tir: 15000