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Revenge of The Trickster

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Revenge of The Trickster event banner.
November 6th, 2013 - November 19th, 2013
October 20th, 2014 - November 4th, 2014
October 28th, 2015 - November 11th, 2015



The possible area the Trickster can spawn in.
  • Log in to receive the quest Halloween Nightmare.
  • When in the spawn area of the Returned Trickster, the player will have a Halloween Event World Quest Check status effect (Halloween Event World Quest Check.png)
    • To complete the quest, you must hit the Returned Trickster at least once.
  • Once every 2 hours real-time, the Returned Trickster spawns north of Dunbarton, sometimes on top of a potato field.
    • Because it is a field boss, times will vary from channel to channel.
    • When the Returned Trickster is defeated, all players will receive a status buff (Halloween Channel Buff.png).
  • The Returned Trickster has three attacks.
    • An area of effect attack that causes it to leap into the air and hit everyone within 700? range, knocking them back.
    • A single attack that targets one player.
    • An attack where he throws himself onto the ground, hitting all players in front of him.
    • In addition to the attacks, the Returned Trickster can heal by sewing itself back together, causing it to heal 5% of its HP.
      • While it is healing, it can be attacked.
      • Hitting the Returned Trickster with Windmill when it sits to heal itself will reset its AI and stop it from recovering.
  • The Returned Trickster rewards 0 EXP and does not drop anything upon its death.


  • Due to the immense amount of people, it may be best to turn off Party Advertisements (Left Ctrl+P by default) and Names (Ctrl+N by default) and enable Minimize Nearby Characters (NumPad /) and Mini Effects (Options → System → Performance) to reduce lag.
  • In channels with a low amount of people, it may prove difficult to defeat it. It can deal a few hundred with its normal attacks and the flying stomp is capable of knocking out several people at once.
  • Poison Attack works extremely well due to the Returned Trickster having a huge amount of Health.


Halloween Nightmare
How to Get Quest Log in every day at
7:00am PST
during the Revenge of The Trickster Event.
Briefing The Returned Trickster has appeared in Northern Dunbarton. If you can protect Dunbarton from his mischief, a special buff will be granted to all Milletians on this channel.


Halloween Pumpkin Basket


This item always comes with another item from the lists below.




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