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Roaming the Shadow Realm

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  • Similar to The Sulfur Spider inside Shadow Realm.
  • This mission is given to you when you select an event Shadow Mission from Padan during the Fourth Part of the Summer Vacation Zombie Event.
  • All Monsters are Lost Zombies.
  • Defeat the monsters spawning at the 7 locations throughout the castle.
  • In the Dining Room, all Lost Zombies in the current wave must be defeated to trigger the next wave. There are five waves.
    • 16 Lost Zombies spawn within each wave and aggro instantly with a radius exceeding the width of the area, making this room difficult.
    • All zombies in the Dining Room can run.
    • The switches when all hit stops the current wave of Zombies from spawning.
    • An Ice Spear team is most effective and best done at the South East corner of the Dining Room.
      • With four or more people, they can hold back the Zombies.
  • After they are defeated, go to the deepest part of the castle to find the boss.
  • Clear all rooms to find what's inside the inner room.

Mission Information

  • Quest Location: Padan
  • Party Size: 1~8
  • Time Limit: 1 Hour


The enemy's location is marked with blue dots.

Sulfur Spider of the Shadow World Shadow Mission Map.jpg



  • Zombies in this Shadow Mission may run.
  • The zombies can be hit with any skill.
  • The zombies only have Level 1 Heavy Stander Passive Defense.
  • The boss is one Large Lost Zombie and 10 Lost Zombies.
    • The Lost Giant Zombie has Level 2 Heavy Stander.
    • The 10 Lost Zombies will look the same as the one Large Lost Zombie.