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Secret Experiment Clue II

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For other Generation 9 missions, see Category:G9 Shadow Missions.
For other missions, see Category:Shadow Missions.
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  • This mission is part of Generation 9.
  • There are 2 waves of switches with 6 switches each wave that you must hit to spawn monsters. A wall will enclose the area around you; you cannot leave the enclosure until you defeat the monsters.
  • The second wave of switches will have ice mines surrounding them.
    • Warning! Having support puppets such as the Yui Flying Puppet, Belisha Support Puppet, or an Odd-Eye Belisha Support Puppet may cause the player to experience extreme lag or even crash due to the support function loading every visible ice mine within sight range.
      • It is wise to turn off or unequip your puppet before you enter the Shadow Mission to avoid this.
  • At each switch, two waves of three or four monsters will spawn in this Shadow Mission.
  • The boss is behind a large wall at the designated point on the map. Each side of the wall has a glowing coat-of-arms hanging on it that serves as a marker; for every switch you've hit, one coat-of-arms will lose its glow.
  • Entering between 6:00 AM ~ 5:59 PM in-game time will give scraps 1~4.
  • Entering between 6:00 PM ~ 5:59 AM in-game time will give scraps 5~8.
  • If you fail the mission, simply talk to Dorren to receive the mission again.
  • The difficulty of the mission is set for you and is based on your total level. See Generation 9 for more information.

Mission Information

  • G9 Quest: Alchemy Experimentation in the Shadow World
  • Party Size: 1-3
  • Time Limit: None


Click to enlarge. Boss room is marked in red.

Taillteann Shadow Mission Map.jpg

Map of Possible Switch Locations.png



The experimentation clue you receive depends on the in-game time you entered the mission. Go here for details.

EXP Possible Items from Reward Chest
Basic - -
Intermediate 10,000 Wooden Club (Pre: Hard)