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Secret Experiment in the Underground Waterway

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Mission Information

  • Quest Board Location: Sinead (Requires Secret Experiment in the Underground Waterway Pass)
  • Party Size: 1~8
  • Time Limit: 60 minutes
  • Details: Many secret locations exist in the Royal Castle. We have reports indicating that strange beings are appearing in one of these secret locations, the Underground Waterway. Please investigate the matter. -Sinead
  • Info:


First Floor

Shadow Tara First Floor.jpg

Secret Room

Enter the Secret Message in the chat to access the Underground Waterway.

Tara Watergate.jpg

Underground Waterway

Defeat the monsters along the waterway to reach the Boss Room.

Tara Underground Waterway.jpg





Map Directions

  • Blue numbers indicate warp portals that spawn after clearing a room's monster spawns while yellow numbers indicate where a warp portal will warp you to.
    • In example, warp portal 1 is located in the bottom-right and will teleport you to the hallway in the middle of the map leading to portal 2.
  • Rooms labeled with letters do not spawn warp portals, but instead either give points to the party's score or progress the mission.
    • Room A is required to enter the Underground Waterway. It will unlock the door to the secret cabinet (the top-most room on the map) and reveal the chest that contains the password that will unlock the staircase when spoken.
    • Rooms X, Y, and Z are all part of the mission's secret puzzle. Defeating the monsters that spawn in these rooms will provide the party with additional points per room, up to an additional 3000.
      • Room Z's door cannot be opened until X and Y are completed.
  • Any room not labeled with a number or a letter is not required. They do not reward points and they do not spawn warp portals required to complete the mission.
  • To complete the mission, clear each room in order from 1 to 9. Clear Room X to complete 1/3 of the puzzle before taking the warp from room 5. Clear Room A before proceeding through warp 6. Clear puzzle Y before going through the warp from 8. Clear puzzle Z before proceeding through the warp from 9.
    • Rooms 6-9 and all of the puzzle rooms (X, Y, and Z) can be skipped if clearing the mission is the only goal, though the puzzles will add points for the final ranking.
      • Journal entries for all secret missions require S-rank completion.
  • The room order of 1-9 is not required for the mission, but rather recommended based on the most efficient way to clear the rooms.
    • If you feel confident with your team, you can split the party up at the start and have one team complete Rooms 1-5, X, and A while the other team does Rooms 7-9, Y, and Z. Room 6 does not have to be completed with this set-up.

Secret Puzzle

  • The secret puzzle for this maze-like map is that three rooms in the mission reward additional points to the total when completed.
    • The rooms are labeled X, Y, and Z on the map above.
  • Defeating the monsters that spawn in these rooms clears the requirement for the secret puzzle.
  • All monsters have extremely fast and far aggro range.

Underground Waterway and Boss

  • All monsters have extremely fast and far aggro range, similar to Baol Infiltration. Proceed with caution!
  • Claimh Solas can attack from one room away. Do not stand nearby the boss gate if you intend to let stronger friends help you with the boss, as you may die and lose points towards the mission rank.