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Secret Experiment in the Underground Waterway

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Mission Information


First Floor

Shadow Tara First Floor.jpg

Secret Room

Enter the Secret Message in the chat to access the Underground Waterway.

Tara Watergate.jpg

Underground Waterway

Defeat the monsters along the waterway to reach the Boss Room.

Tara Underground Waterway.jpg





Map Directions: Clear each room in order from 1 to 9, and then use the warps from 3-5 to get to the upper right corner to proceed. Clear puzzle X before taking the warp from 5. Clear the room marked A before proceeding through the warp from 6, as clearing that room opens the gate to puzzle Z. Clear puzzle Y before proceeding through the warp from 8. Clear puzzle Z before proceeding through warp from 9. These directions are based on trying to get an S rank on the mission, clearing the puzzles and rooms in the quickest order. Rooms 6-9 and all the puzzles can be skipped if clearing the mission is the only goal, though the puzzles will add points for the final ranking.

Secret puzzle: Each room when cleared will open a portal on the floor, the portal and where they go are marked on the map above. After Using the E portal it is possible to enter the underground(where Claimh is) and finish the mission, but the secret puzzles(3 in total) which are required for S rank are past several other portals. At this point it would be best to send 3 people(2 golem users; golems can be controlled from behind the gates, 1 user per gate) down to face the waterway and the rest of the party to clear the rest of the rooms on the first floor. The puzzles are the rooms marked X,Y,Z.

Upon reaching the Underground Waterway portion of the Mission, the monsters have aggro similar to Baol Infiltration. Proceed with caution! All monsters have extremely fast and far aggro range. Claimh can even attack from one room away. The monsters in the secret puzzles have similar aggro as well.