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Secret Note

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A little note that carries the secret code to the gates of the underground waterway. Unfortunately, the code is written in the language of the Fomors, making it impossible to read.

Used In

  • Certain Tara, Rath Royal Castle Shadow Missions will have a cabinet at the northeastern room that leads to an "empty" room with a circle on the ground.
  • On the chat-box, type in the code on the note exactly how it is written (capitalization included). Doing so will reveal a hidden staircase leading to the Underground Waterway.


Generation 11

  • Mem Tsadi
  • Ararita Gimel
  • Dalet Hokhma

Generation 12

  • Atah Agla
  • Atah Dairam
  • Ararita Dairam
  • Ararita Terreron
  • Dalet Agla
  • Dalet Hokhma
  • Dalet Tsadi
  • Mem Dairam
  • Samek Dairam
  • Tiferet Agla
  • Tiferet Tsadi
  • Tiferet Gimel

The Red Dragon inside Shadow Realm

  • Mem Agla

Secret Experiment in the Underground Waterway

  • Dalet Terreron
  • Samek Tsadi
  • Tiferet Agla
  • Tiferet Gimel
  • Tiferet Hokhma

Generation 22

  • Arduinna Doubhca


  • Dalet Hokhma are the Hebrew words "דלת חכמה" (meaning door of wisdom or smart door).
  • Atah appears to be the Hebrew word "אַתָּה" (meaning you (singular masculine)).
  • Agla appears to be a notarikon from the late 14th century or 15th century.
  • Ararita appears to be a new age occultist notarikon from the Thelema religious movement.