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Seize the Skies Event

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Seize the Skies Event Advertisement
February 26th, 2014 – March 18th, 2014


Erinn is at its most beautiful when seen from the heavens! Professor J is organizing an expedition across continental Iria and he needs recruits. Will you heed the call to adventure?

Event Dates:
February 26th - March 18th

Complete the sky adventure courses scattered across scenic Iria to earn regional medals. Redeem all of the medals at your friendly Sky Ranger for a Sky Blessing Box.

Event Details:

  • Talk to your local Sky Ranger as outlined in your "Seize the Skies Competition" quest. Sky Rangers can be found at any of the adventure courses listed below, and can move you freely between them:
    • Maiz Prairie
    • Karu Forest
    • Connous
    • Courcle
    • Physis
    • Zardine
    • Muyu Desert
  • Accept the quest, hop on any flying pet, and race through those checkpoints! All courses are timed, and the Sky Ranger can show you the top rankings for the whole server.
    • Keep an eye out for certain sky variables which can boost or delay your progress!
  • Complete the course and earn a Skyrace Medal.
  • Earn 7 Skyrace Medals to get a Sky Blessing Box.

What's in a Sky Blessing Box?

You’ll receive a random item, which could be anything from the table below.

Weapon Outfit Ducats Raw Materials
Confetti Bow Doughnut Glasses Ducat Box Fragments of Falias
Soft Serve Ice Cream Short Sword Thin Rimmed Glasses Finest Cuilin Stone x10
Roll Cake Cylinder Elementary School Hat Finest Silk x10
Cotton Candy Poofs Sword Kindergarten Uniform (Male) Finest Firewood x10
Star Candy Mace Kindergarten Uniform (Female) Finest Leather Strap x10
Cookie Shield Elegant Gothic Dress Long Type Finest Leather x10
Elegant Gothic suit Finest Fabric x10
Elegant Gothic Dress Short Type White Herb x10
Casual Suit - Blue Mandrakes x10
Casual Suit - White Antidote Herb x10

If you're lucky, you could also receive a Special Bonus Item, which will accompany any item you’ve won above:

Special Bonus Item
Dragon Statue
Sundial Artifact
Elephant Statute
Potent Shadow Crystal
Finest Shadow Crystal
Fine Shadow Crystal
Shadow Crystal
Ogre's Letter of Guarantee
Goblin's Letter of Guarantee
Imp's Letter of Guarantee
Movement Speed 40% Increase Potion (10 min.)
HP 500 Potion SE x10
Stamina 500 Potion SE x10
MP 300 Potion SE x10

Important Note: Romantic Flight as obtained on Doki Doki Island currently does not function properly for this event. Please use a flying pet instead.[1]


The Sky Race Starting Gate.
The Sky Race Waypoints, each ring contains a number that indicates the checkpoint number.
The Sky Race Finish Line.
  • Log in to receive the quest Seize the Skies Competition.
  • Talk to any of Sky Ranger NPCs to start a race.
    • To start a race, simply choose Request Race from their chat choices.
    • To teleport to different courses, simply chose Change Course from their chat choices.
      • There are seven tracks, 3 are located in Rano, and 1 for each other region of Iria.
  • After accepting a race, use a flying mount to reach the starting checkpoint.
    • The objective is to fly through numerous checkpoints in order. The amount of checkpoints varies by location.
      • You must fly through each checkpoint from the front.
      • A directional arrow and distance tracker will be visible on the screen to guide you to the next checkpoint.
    • A User Interface will also appear after accepting the race, indicating the number of checkpoints the player has passed, the lap time, and a button to stop the race.
      • The race can also be stopped by leaving the regional area or by not participating for an hour.
    • Gusts of wind will slow you down when flown into and golden circles placed throughout the tracks give a speed boost when flown through.
    • Flight speed for all pets is unaltered, and Boost is not prohibited during the race.
    • Pet's summon time will still diminish during the race.
    • You must fly by yourself. Flying with other passengers will only start the race for the pet's owner.
    • Completing a race earns a Skyrace Medal of the respective race track. One medal from each of the seven race tracks are required to exchange for a single Sky Blessing Box from any Sky Ranger.
  • Clicking Check Ranking when talking to the Sky Ranger shows up the placements for the top 100 fastest players for all seven race tracks on the server.
    • These rankings are updated every hour on the hour (i.e. XX:00), and completely resets at 12:00am PST100.
    • Periodically a scrolling message appears to announce the top three fastest players.
    • Aside from getting a temporary record in the ranking, beating another player's record rewards nothing.

Race Routes


Seize the Skies Competition

How to Get Quest

Log in during the Seize the Skies Event

Briefing The Skies of Iria are now open for conquest! Bring your high fliers, your wind riders, and everything in between to Maiz Prairie, and I'll help you take to the skies. - the Sky Ranger
  • 5500 Experience Points

Maiz Prairie Track Attempt

How to Get Quest

Talk to Sky Ranger - Maiz Prarie

Briefing Beat the Maiz Prarie track to gain a completion medal.
  • Maiz Prarie Track Completed.

Muyu Desert Track Attempt

How to Get Quest

Talk to Sky Ranger - Muyu Desert

Briefing Beat the Muyu Desert track to gain a completion medal.
  • Muyu Desert track Completed.

Karu Forest Track Attempt

How to Get Quest

Talk to Sky Ranger - Karu Forest

Briefing Beat the Karu Forest track to gain a completion medal.
  • Karu Forest Track Completed.

Connous Track Attempt

How to Get Quest

Talk to Sky Ranger - Connous

Briefing Beat the Connous track to gain a completion medal.
  • Connous Track Completed.

Physis Track Attempt

How to Get Quest

Talk to Sky Ranger - Physis

Briefing Beat the Physis track to gain a completion medal.
  • Physis track Completed.

Courcle Track Attempt

How to Get Quest

Talk to Sky Ranger - Courcle

Briefing Beat the Courcle track to gain a completion medal.
  • Courcle Track Completed.

Zardine Track Attempt

How to Get Quest

Talk to Sky Ranger - Zardine

Briefing Beat the Zardine track to gain a completion medal.
  • Zardine track Completed.


Sky Blessing Box

Guaranteed Rewards


Bonus Rewards

Letters of Guarantee
Shadow Crystals