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For the Black Cotton Ostrich and Crystal Deer variant, see Charge (Pet).
For the Nightshade Mustang, Sunburst Shire, Ethereal Mist War Horse, Black Flamemare, and Scooter variant, see Running Boost.


Flight Boost.png
Pegasus Flight Boost.png
Allows for bursts of speed while flying in a straight line. This method of flight uses less Stamina, as well.


  • Possessed only by the Fire Dragon, Ice Dragon, Thunder Dragon, Thunder Dragon (2-Seater), Bone Dragon, Pegasus, Perseus, and Mir Dragon.
  • While flying straight, after a few seconds, the flying mount will passively increase its flight speed.
    • During Boost, the turning radius will be increased.
    • After activation, Stamina drains steadily by 0.5 every second.
    • Boost lasts indefinitely long until Stamina runs out or the mount comes to a halt.
      • Once the mount runs out of Stamina, the skill automatically ends.
  • A boosting Ice, Thunder (1-seater), and Bone Dragon have the fastest flight speed out of all pets.
    • However, despite the skill's description, they are rivaled by the Phoenix and the Nimbus.