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For the game's main currency, see Gold.
For the currency used in the Beauty Shop, see Pon.
You do know that Gold is not the currency we use, right? The kingdom came up with Ducats for commerce transactions. Use what you earn to purchase new items from the Imp.


Goblin Trade Helper

Ducat.png Ducats are the currency used for Mercantile transactions. You can earn them by trading in Mercantile Goods, and you can use them to invest in or purchase items at Mercantile Posts.

A Ducat is a Fomorian currency obtained through the Commerce. Ducats can be used to purchase various items sold by the Trade Assistant Imp and Yvona. They are also used to repair Fomor Weapons.

Unlike Gold, Ducats cannot be traded nor stored on Pets or in the Bank, but do not take up any inventory space at all.


  • Ducats were originally a currency once used in Europe, Shakespeare's home continent.
  • In Hamlet, Hamlet makes a reference to the currency; "How now, a rat? Dead for a ducat, dead!"
  • In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo makes a reference to Ducats; "Hold, there is forty ducats."