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Shaved Ice Event (2011)

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December 22nd, 2011 - January 12th, 2012
A map indicating the two event locations.


Make your way to Fleta and she'll give you a bowl in which to carry shaved ice. With bowl in hand, travel to Physis and catch the giant snowballs rolling down a hill!

Be careful though, more than just snowballs are falling. Watch out for giant boulders!

Fill up your bowl to get prizes, like a shaved ice hat![1]


  • Upon logging onto your character, you will receive the quest, Fleta's Summer Snack.
  • Speak to Fleta in Sen Mag to receive a Large Shaved Ice Bowl.
  • Fleta will speak of two event areas:
  • The event areas consist of boulders and snowballs rolling down from a slope.
  • With the Large Shaved Ice Bowl equipped in your active weapon slot, run into the snowballs while avoiding the boulders.
    • Running into the snowballs 5 times will fill your bowl.
      • Colliding with a snowball with your bowl equipped in your inactive weapon slot will not fill it and will produce the same effects as running into a boulder thus emptying the bowl.
    • Running into a boulder will cause you to be flung backward and your bowl to be emptied if it is equipped.
    • Colliding into either without a bowl equipped (in other words, simply placed in your inventory) will still cause you to be flung backward, but will not affect the bowl's contents.
  • Return to Fleta with a filled Large Shaved Ice Bowl and a berry to receive a reward and another empty bowl.



Fleta's Summer Snack
How to Get Quest

Log in during the 2011 Shaved Ice Event to receive the quest.

Briefing It sure is hot these days! If you give me a little help, I'll reward you with a brand new, very fashionable hat. - Fleta -
  • 2,000 Experience Points
Additional Information
  • Fleta is located in Sen Mag, and only appears during certain times.