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Mana Tunnel

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Basic Information

Mana Tunnels are Iria's counterpart to Uladh and Belvast's Moon Gates. They allow a user to travel quickly and easily to any other tunnel the player has previously "tagged" or visited. These tunnels are also sometimes called Sun Gates because they soak up energy from Palala, the Sun that circles Erinn. As a result, standing near a tunnel will instantly replenish the user's Mana by 5 points per second.

  • To "tag" a tunnel and have it listed in your Mana Tunnel map, simply click on it as if you were to use it.
    • Once tagged, you will always be able to return to that particular tunnel.
    • "Blasted" or "Collapsed" Mana Tunnels can only be used to depart and are not recorded on the World Map.
  • The Mana of Pets is not restored from an active Mana Tunnel even if the player is logged on as the pet.
  • Elves and Giants gain knowledge of all the Mana Tunnels during their Beginner Quests.

For detailed maps of the Mana Tunnels, visit the Rano, Connous, Physis, Courcle, and Zardine pages.

Each Mana Tunnel has two to three pillars stationed right next to it, depicting a moon and bearing Tara's emblem. What this symbolizes is currently unknown.

There is a total of 82 Mana Tunnels in Iria.


Mana Tunnel Selection.png
  • Not marked: There are also two outgoing-only Blasted Mana Tunnels in Central Lappa and Erkey Falls. Using them does not register them as return destinations.