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Shoot the Sun Event (2011)

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For the other instances of this event, see Shoot the Sun Event (disambiguation).
September 28th, 2011 ~ October 12th, 2011


The sky is falling, the sky is falling! Witnesses have reported that the sun is falling in the plateau between Maiz Prairie and Muyu Desert!

When you make your way to the area, you will find Li Bai, the poet. You will discover that it is not the sun that is falling, but in fact, a giant fire sprite! You'll need to defeat the falling sprite. If the fire sprite is not defeated within a half an hour of its appearance, it will disappear.

Because the giant sprite is a flying monster, only ranged weapons and attacks will be able to reach the target. If you do not have ranged abilities, Li Bai will provide you with a bow and a bundle of arrows.

The reward for defeating the falling sun can be a number of items. Moon Cakes are reward items that provide 100 Strenthsic, 100 HP, and 100 Stamina! There are also Special Moon Cakes which provide TWICE the amount of stat gains: 200 Strength, 200 HP, and 200 Stamina! Another reward item is an accessory-class item called Moon Charm that provides 2 Defense and 1 Protection.

The Shoot the Sun Event will run through October 12.[1]

Basic Information

  • Log in during the event and receive the quest Shoot the Sun!
  • When you first talk to Poet Li Bai, he will give you a Short Bow and 100 Arrows.
  • Although the quest says only ranged attacks and skills can reach the target, melee can also be used.
  • The Ninth Sun spawns once every real life hour.

Note: Young Cactus Lizards and Cactus Lizards spawn at the Sun Mark in Rano are aggressive. You may want to be careful of where you stand.


Shoot the Sun!
How to Get Quest

Log in during the Shoot the Sun Event.

Briefing Do you know about the legend of the ten suns? If you're interested in hearing the tale, come find me at Kaypi Canyon. - Li Bai
  • 10,000 Experience Points
Additional Information

Li Bai is located at the Sun Mark of Rano.


Anything in bold is rare drop from The Ninth Sun







  • Weapons dropped by The Ninth Sun are considered a monster drop and will have increased max durability, min and max attack and critical while having reduced balance.