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Poet Li Bai

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Portrait of Li Bai
Li Bai
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Poet
Location [[Located in::Near the Sun Mark
in Kaypi Canyon]]


Poet Li Bai is the event helper for the Shoot the Sun Event (2011).

According to him, there were ten suns that had threatened the world due to the intense heat. A hero shot down nine of the ten suns, and was praised for his heroic actions. However, The Ninth Sun was not fully destroyed, and continues to threaten the world once again.

If the player is a Human or Elf upon talking to Poet Li Bai for the first time, they will receive a Short Bow and 100 Arrows. A Giant will instead receive a Wood Atlatl and 20 Short Javelins.

Li Bai's Equipment


  • In Chinese history, Li Bai is a famous Chinese poet.