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Spirit Weapon Item List/Wand/Male/Gem

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Jewel Chart

Gems found by using Metallurgy can be used to grow a spirit weapon. The amount of the stats they increase is based on the size of the gem.

  • The actual equation for the exp raised is: Gem Base EXP * Spirit Growth Efficiency * Gem Size
    • The Gem Base EXP varies among different types of spirits.
    • A larger gem will give more stat experience than a smaller gem.
    • Diamond's Base EXP is always 320 for all stats
  • Refer to this calculator to calculate the EXP gain.
Gem Stat Gained
Jasper.png Jasper Str
Topaz.png Topaz Will
Ruby.png Ruby Str, Dex
Garnet.png Garnet Int, Dex
Aquamarine.png Aquamarine Int, Luck
Star Sapphire.png Star Sapphire Will, Luck
Spinel.png Spinel Str, Int, Dex
Emerald.png Emerald Int, Dex, Will, Luck
Diamond.png Diamond All