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Talk:Barbaric Fox Scythe

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Blue/red stone upgradeable?1314:18, 19 September 2013
Reforge102:13, 6 January 2013

Blue/red stone upgradeable?

can you blue or red up scythes?

zangelf (talk)07:31, 29 September 2012

it's in the table

Sp. Up. ✘

means you can't

Angevon (Talk)07:48, 29 September 2012

I know this isn't for normal upgrades, but if you look at the item in-game, it does not have a section that reads "Can be upgraded up to 5 times" like other items. :/

Anemki's siggy is better than Kevin's! ║ talkcontributions04:49, 30 September 2012

Can it still be upgraded, despite that?


I don't know, I'll ask a few people on my server. Both items do not have a spot for upgrades. :U

Anemki's siggy is better than Kevin's! ║ talkcontributions10:37, 1 October 2012

Oddly enough, I've asked a few pals about upgrades for these scythes, and they cannot be upgraded. o.o"

Anemki's siggy is better than Kevin's! ║ talkcontributions20:28, 2 October 2012

Then where in the world did we get upgrades for this page?


Although there does seem to be upgrade values in db files. :l


I have no idea, that's what I was wondering. I asked my friend and he said he couldn't upgrade it, but then I thought, if so, where did these tables and sequences come from? It hurts my brain. :<

Anemki's siggy is better than Kevin's! ║ talkcontributions07:35, 3 October 2012

You can in fact regular upgrade it i checked on my Fox scythe, it may not say regular upgrade 5 times but it does appear once you do upgrade it.

zangelf (talk)20:37, 21 October 2012
Infodude575 (talk)09:41, 19 September 2013

I recall seeing a korean screenshot with the devil slayer with a one handed red upgrade. To add to that, I know for a fact some upcoming Knuckles (Merlin Shyllien Magic Knuckles for example) have one handed red upgrades but two handed blue upgrades. (That was confirmed to not be a glitch.) That picture proves Barbaric Fox Scythe has two handed blue special upgrades. Can we not jump to conclusions and confirm if:

  • Barbaric has two handed red special upgrades.
  • Devil Slayer has two handed blue special upgrades.
  • Devil Slayer has two handed red special upgrades.

With actual photo proof.

Pyro - (Talk)13:36, 19 September 2013

Whats a red-handed?

Infodude575 (talk)14:04, 19 September 2013

You caught my typo red-handed. Fixed.

Pyro - (Talk)14:18, 19 September 2013

Since I can't seem to find the table to edit, the barbaric fox scythe can be reforged now.

Miyukari (talk)01:57, 6 January 2013

Yeah, Aesthetic already posted about this, but I can't really update weapons until I convert the new template. :l sorry for any inconveniences; I'll try to get to it asap.