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Art by Ceemo - November, 2011

Art by Penguin2435 - January, 2013

Art by Luckborne - January, 2018

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Stephen King
J. K. Rowling
Stephen Chbosky
Neil Gaiman

Video games

Sega Genesis


Rolling Stone



Personal information
December 25th
About me

I'm basically quitting/going on extended hiatus.

Toy Hammer (Red Hammerhead).png
Moving in with my significant other and getting my life together.

I'll seldomly be around when I can be, but real life responsables are much more important!

Players of Mabinogi who do not contribute to the MabiWikia,
Please do understand that if content here is not fully updated to the fullest,
or pages are not as bountiful as others,
the wiki upkeep is done by players just like you!
That being said, we have to physically do the content, get ahold of items,
find players with items & information or sometimes even buy things via gold/nx ourselves!
Also understand we're not being paid, we're volunteering!
So any content we have to hunt on our own!
But we always welcome new users to update content as well, if you would like to!

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Hello! I'm Jess.

I'm 27 and super silly.
Sometimes I draw, but I'm really rusty.
Generally, I'm really busy with working but when I'm not,
I spend a lot of time with my boyfriend
(whom also plays Mabinogi!)

I really like cats, space, and pasta.
I know how to do coding, and general web page design.

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