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Talk:Gamyu Wizard Robe Armor (F)

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Thread titleRepliesLast modified
Type I/ Type II009:52, 22 September 2018
/cloth/lightarmor/303:55, 7 June 2013

Type I/ Type II

Heya, Magical Bingo Gachapon introduced a 9 def/ 4 prot version of M and F.

Anyone kind enough to refer me to what to read to make the new page?

^ same above posted on M version, I'd like to add that this takes up the same slot in the Dressing Room (516) for the 9/4 or the 8/1 Female. I cannot confirm the Male version as I do not have one.

Bronzebreak (talk)09:52, 22 September 2018


Not entirely sure how to go about getting this listed on the page, but the Wizard Robe Armor is available for tailor repairs as well as blacksmith repairs. Also available for clothing-only and light-armour-only enchants.

Aknal (talk)03:46, 7 June 2013

Damn it. This makes things a bit more complicated.

I guess I'll just list it in the "Other Information" section, otherwise the template might have to go through an entire revamp and stretching the repair box would look ugly. armor hybrid? well that's unforseen...Are the prices the same?

Yes, they have to be. Repair prices are based on repair % and equipment type.