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Talk:Rosemary Gloves

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Bound?213:43, 1 March 2019
Qs415:14, 25 May 2012
Unimplemented? 819:21, 27 April 2012
Crafting the glove415:35, 21 January 2011

Somebody told me that once you lift the Sword of Elsinore, the Ophelia gloves personalize to you. Is that true?

Araria07:43, 1 June 2011

Both the glove and sword is not personalize after draw the sword. And the sword cannot be equip without the glove plus don't deal any damage like when it still stab in the ground. confirm by Ikarimero @mabinogi NA server Ruairi 2019

Sawit27703 (talk)01:27, 27 February 2019

Partially correct. The sword is permanently bound to you, undroppable, only destroyable. It can never be repulled from the ground if you take it once and lose it. The gloves are not bound, however, you simply will lose the ability to wield the sword.

Ebrithil of Ruari (talk)13:43, 1 March 2019

Is it actually possible that the "Frost" on the gloves represents Ophelia's dark, cold sorrow? Like how the flame on the Sword of Elsinore represents Hamlet's anger and thirst for revenge.

Also, do you really need to have the gloves on to equip it?

Infodude57517:50, 3 January 2012

I think you do need it. I mean, the sword is on fire lol. but as far as the symbolism on the frost, I'd say it's something like that. I don't remember Hamlet too well (not the Mabi version of course lol)

Mikaya18:08, 3 January 2012

I thought they could represent the presence of Hamlet's Father...

First, Hamlet's father begs Hamlet not to forget him, and to extract vengeance on his uncle. The second thing is that ghosts are usually described with a cold air and a creepy glow about their embodiment. Third, the gloves are the only thing separating from the burning sword. There are a few instances in the play when Hamlet doubts himself, but decides to proceed to plot his uncle's murder because of his desire to save his father from his suffering. Later in the play, when Hamlet threatens his mother, his father appears to him and asks her to be gentle and kind to her, which quells his rage from hurting her.

I don't think I would like to touch a burning sword either... As for whether or not the gloves are personalized when you draw the sword, I do not know.

Reihu18:17, 24 May 2012

The gloves are not. You can sell them...drop them...etc. They're just like any other item.

Zey14:00, 25 May 2012

I never asked whether they were personalized. I only asked whether the Rosemary Gloves are needed to both draw and equip it.

Infodude57515:14, 25 May 2012


Is there any proof backing up the rumors that the sewing pattern has been removed as a possible item from fishing in Avon?

Mrjoe18:48, 27 April 2012

The sewing pattern is still available in-game, it's just really really rare.

TwiliTerror18:49, 27 April 2012

Can this be confirmed?

Mrjoe18:50, 27 April 2012

Can you confirm that the pattern has been removed?

TheFarix18:59, 27 April 2012

Clearly not otherwise I would not be asking for proof to back up the rumors that it has been removed. If I had satisfactory proof, I would not appeal to this community for an answer. I am concerned that people may be wasting their time looking for something that may (or may not) have been intentionally removed by Nexon in response to the sudden surge in availability.

Mrjoe19:04, 27 April 2012

It should be proving that it doesn't exist, not that it does exist as this has been proven to exist in NA before.

Pyro - (Talk)19:07, 27 April 2012

Also, Nexon has no power to remove items much less touch anything ingame. O .o

Pyro - (Talk)19:09, 27 April 2012

Unless there is evidence to back it up, I wouldn't put any stock in rumors.

TheFarix19:11, 27 April 2012

It is likely one made this rumor to sell rosemary gloves they own for a high price.

Pyro - (Talk)19:12, 27 April 2012

Crafting the glove

I pulled this from the recent Xfire Chat on Mabinogi, and here is something that might be able to help.

how does one make the Ophelia Glove? Is it from tailoring manual or fishable from Avon? Answer: Correct term would be the Glove of Elsinore and one would make this glove by obtaining the sewing patterns by fishing in Avon. Once you fished it out of the waters, you would then collect Ice Silk/Ice Cobwebs/etc from the Theatre Missions. Put them all together using the Tailoring Skill and you'll have your glove.

Marthian17:14, 19 January 2011

You can fish it directly. You can also make it using Tailoring. Here is a guide on making it. Hopefully someone will add to the page ~小太郎 TALKCONTRIBS 2011:01:20:01:37 (Thursday)

~小太郎 TALK<sub style="margin-left:-26px 17:37, 19 January 2011

Is there a source saying you can fish the glove directly? What's the point in making the gloves manually then if you can do that.

Tacundavid12:41, 21 January 2011

They do not mention it being directly fisheable. They only said it was craftable.

Marthian14:26, 21 January 2011

they also mention it as the glove of elsinore

Marthian15:35, 21 January 2011