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Talk:Script - Grave with Violets Placed on Top

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Other NPC Responses204:23, 29 August 2020

Other NPC Responses

Yes, I'm well aware that the Grave with Violets Placed on Top Keyword page has all the NPC responses, unlike this script right now. The problem is: I don't know how they were formatted in the game with the sentences breaks, hence my hesitation to include them. If I could get access to the images or a video (in English) containing the proper formatting the dialogue in game uses, I'll gladly add the other NPC responses to this page.

Lalunae (talk)08:06, 23 August 2020

If you wanted to highlight the importance of the information you can get with the keyword you could add an additional link to it at the top of the page, or maybe add a note around when you would use it about it. That way you wouldn't need to figure out how to add all of the responses to this page.

Lint (talk)04:06, 29 August 2020

Oh, and on another note. Since you are also interested in a way to showoff the scripts I would recommend looking at Mainstream_Quests#Order for one example going forward (though it might be a bit more complex than needed and doesn't include all of the sidequests).

Lint (talk)04:23, 29 August 2020