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Script - Grave with Violets Placed on Top

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For explanations and advice on quest completion, see Grave with Violets Placed on Top.

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Grave with Violets Placed on Top

Fresh violets can always be found in the Taillteann Cemetery. I've been looking for violets, too, I'd appreciate it if you could tell me where to find them. - Pierrick

(Upon initiating conversation with Pierrick using the Nearby Rumors keyword:)

Have you ever been to the cemetery at the northeastern side of town? The Taillteann Cemetery rests both soliders and townspeople, but it doesn't get all that many visitors.

The grave with fresh violets placed on it every day
Strangely enough, there's one grave where a single fresh Violet is placed every day... And Violets are incredibly difficult to find in Erinn![sic] I don't really know much since I haven't been in this town that long,but owner [sic] of the grave must've done some amazingly good deeds in her life. Or maybe someone just loves her that much...
In any case, (Character Name), I have a request. I also need Violets. Can you find out who's been placing fresh Violets at the grave each day, then ask them where they get the flowers from?
I think it must be someone from Taillteann.Can you speak to the townspeople?

(By Pierrick's request, you seek information from the residents of Taillteann.)

(Upon initiating conversation with Dorren using the Grave with Violets Placed on Top keyword:)

I am also quite interested in that grave. When Cai first came to me, it was because he hoped Alchemy could revive his beloved Lena...
But resurrecting the dead... even Alchemy can't accomplish that.
Cai never gave up hope, but it's pretty clear he wasn't able to unlock the secrets of eternal life or resurrecting the dead.
What I'm interested in are the Violets. They're difficult to find in Taillteann.
Especially white Violets. I thought they didn't exist in Erinn anymore! Of course, it has to be Cai that's placing them there everyday...
Cai used to be quite fond of Eabha. Maybe he knows something.

(Since Dorren mentioned that Eabha might know something, you decide to ask Eabha in person.)

(Character Name), I know you've been asking about the white flower. I was going to act like I didn't know, but whatever, I'll tell you, hehe.
The white Violet was Lena's favorite. But that flower doesn't grow in Erinn anymore.
But Cai is one determined guy, hehe. He places that flower at Lena's grave every day! All right, keep this between us, okay? Let me give you this.
It's a special seed that allows you to enter a place where Violets grow.I've never been there myself.
But Cai told me this seed can be used to obtain Violets.

(You receive Violet Seeds.)

(You head to Fiodh Dungeon and place the Violet Seeds on the altar. Deepwithin, you find a patch of Violets guarded by some monsters. Carefully, you collect a Violet and finally exit the dungeon.)

(With the Violet in hand, you return to Eabha.)

You've obtained some Violets! Now, let me explain what you need to synthesize white Violets.
You need one Violet, one Arat Crystal, and one White Herb.Then just synthesize them together!
Oh wait, you said Pierrick asked you for this, right? If you're successful, let Pierrick know right away.

(Using Eabha's instructions, you use Synthesis at the Dry Ovens and combine the Violet, an Arat Crystal, and a White Herb to make the Synthesized Violet.)

(You bring the white Violet you synthesized to Pierrick.)

Wow, (Character Name)! You got the Violets! You've quenched my curiosity. Thanks!
Now, I should tell you my story. You probably had no idea since I'm so slick about it, but I'm totally, madly, wildly in love with Brenda. I really want to give this Violet to her.

(Pierrick's face turns red.)

Do you know the symbolic meaning of Violets? The[sic] symbolic meaning of a Violet is eternal love.(Character Name), if there's someone you're yearning to give this flower to, then you can sympathize with me and Cai. Now, I'm going to go give this flower to Brenda!

Lena's grave with fresh Violets placed on top

Lena peering over at Cai and Berched during a Druidry lesson

Lena on her deathbed

Cai inside of Fiodh Dungeon in search of Violets

Cai giving Lena a Violet