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Skill CP121:31, 25 June 2014
Not lightning-based622:31, 6 May 2013
MP Cost013:59, 25 April 2013
English Description115:27, 3 April 2013

Can anyone get the values for this?

DarkYuan (talk)20:24, 25 June 2014

Hidden skills don't have skill CP. Stat Cp is 40.4 at rank 1.

Fifty (talk)21:31, 25 June 2014

Not lightning-based

My guess is that it discharges mana in a Lightning-like fashion. Also in the case someone attempts to prove me wrong, this is my counter argument.

How about using the skill against someone with 9 Lightning Elementals? If they receive 1 damage from Shockwave then it's obvious that Shockwave is Lightning Elemental. If they receive more than 1 damage then it's not Lightning.

鍾国豪-BIassreiter (talk)20:22, 6 May 2013 doens't get reduced to one, but to 70~120...meh. Lightning Mastery is F so no idea. re ranking lightning now. This is with an inneffective shield.

IIRC Lightning Bolt and Thunder gets reduced to 1 against a person with all 9 equipments enchanted with Lightning Elemental regardless of Defense/Protection. If Shockwave isn't reduced to 1 against a person with all 9 equipments with Lightning then it's not a Lightning-element spell then, or at least not 100% Lightning element.

鍾国豪-BIassreiter (talk)20:50, 6 May 2013

Maybe distance? I was pretty close. also with an effective shield, 40~60 with r1 lightning mastery.


The list of whats shunted by all elemental shields seems pretty exaggerated...

Infodude575 (talk)22:24, 6 May 2013

I don't cross check those..they've been there like, forever. x.x


Shockwave's MP Cost at r1 seems to be 60 MP.

I tested with a staff and used 60 MP, and then I tested with a -35% MP Cost Lightning Crystal Wand and still used 60 MP.

Can anyone else test this or the other ranks? I didn't think about the costs of the other ranks.

Iyasenu (talk)13:59, 25 April 2013

English Description

So... since I needed to create an account just to ask this apparently...

How do you guys have english descriptions of skills not even released yet?

BoredGuy (talk)15:23, 3 April 2013