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Taming Bait from Taunes

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Inventory icon of Taming Bait

1 × 1
Stack: 10

Taming bait for taming wild animals. I should tame the unicorn in Par dungeon and help Taunes escape.

Used by the Taming Wild Animals skill.

  • The Taming Bait from Taunes can only be equipped on the left hand when a taming cane is already equipped on the right. The player's left hand appears empty if equipped with a Taming Bait from Taunes and only the taming cane is visible in the player's right hand.
  • Resell Value is 0g.
  • Provides 20 Taming Bonus.

For information and individual articles on taming baits see Category:Taming Baits.


Requires a taming cane to be equipped.
Can be stored in Special Inventory.

Methods to Obtain