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For the weapon, see Taunes MK3.
Portrait of Taunes
Race Giant
Gender Male
Occupation Blacksmith and
Weapons Dealer
Location Vales
Repair Blacksmith Repairs, 95%


His chiseled body is covered with scars that look like tattoos. His sharp blade, which never leaves his hand, slashes through the air like the talon of a hawk.

Taunes is a blacksmith NPC in Vales. He led special troops in previous conflicts between Giants and Elves from Connous, renowned for slaying countless foes and his heroic bravery. He wields his own Cleaver, Bastian.

Music Track Title: Separation (Or, Breaking of a Relationship)

Mainstream Story



  • Although he is shown to wield a Cleaver in his NPC image, he is equipped with a Great Sword R on his in-game model.
  • Strangely, despite being stated to be completely blind after Generation 8, Taunes reacts as if he can still see just barely during The Saga: Iria.